Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Real Christmas Tree!

are you diving into your christmas 'to do' list?

two days ago
i would have said
i was dipping my toes into it...
messing around at the edge of my christmas preparations.
i launched into my christmas shopping with gusto!
three fifths done..yay!
now the tree,
that was a different matter...
in fact it's two trees..hehe!
the tree that was supposed to be full and seven feet high ...
was promised for yesterday.
three times
we went to the shop
and were met with reasons why the tree hadn't travelled up the highway yet.
at 6.30 pm last night
after being reassured that it indeed was on it's way
we asked them to put it in a tub of water
and keep it 'til morning.
this morning
it was there.
i think the lady must have seen my face drop with disappointment
at seeing the trees.
they were lean and lanky.
she sold me an extra one for five dollars
so i could tie them together to look fuller.
when max {our wildly furry friend in the photo}
saw them he was so excited that i decided to make the most of them
love them too.
they will scent the house with pine
...and give us real pine needles to sweep up each day..{hehe!}
..and i will decorate them with homemade cupcake bunting
and other delights.

even though decorating the trees
will wait another day,
the washing up will not.

i can still plan and dream though
even when my hands are wrist deep in suds!

i hope your christmas plans
are coming on a treat...


naturally Carol xox


  1. I am sure it will look fab when the tree is decorated. I love the re snow flake fabric too. X

  2. Trees always look completely different when they've got their decorations on! I afraid we have an artificial tree as one of my dogs wasn't well-behaved with real ones (liked marking them!) and it was more than a little off-putting. Even though we no longer have dogs, we've still got the artificial tree - I didn't even think about getting a real one this year although I'm not sure I could fit one in my Mini!

  3. It's going to look wonderful when it's decorated (or I guess I should say "they" are decorated).

    Your "washing up" photo makes doing dishes look so pretty.

  4. We've never had a real tree.I'd love to do it one year, maybe when the kids are older so they can vacuum the pine needles! You'll have to post pictures of it all decorated. xx

  5. I've given up on real trees here after the incident with the pup and the pine needles, but I do miss the smell. Reading your post I swear I could smell yours! Have fun decorating it :D

  6. Your tree looks lovely! Pity about them stuffing you around with it though.
    You'll have to show us some pics once it's all decorated! I bet it'll look really pretty :-)


  7. So wonderful!! Have fun decorating!! I do love the smell of pine!! xo Heather


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