Friday, December 21, 2012

Little Things Count...

good morning!
the christmas masterplan is all sorted...
the menu is planned and the short ribs ordered,
the turkey and ham are sourced.
the salads are decided,
the cooks have been put on contract...
the desert queen has relented to make trifle, choc marshmallow pud and tiramisu!
{rose & i made pompoms the other for the cat & one for the tree}
the tree is up and trimmed,
the prezzies bought and wrapped,
we're down to the details...
and little things count.
p.s this is the sideboard i want to paint..but haven't got 'round to it yet
like dusting off the sideboard,
making room for our daughter's card from canada...
{and yay! it's got lights!}
a couple of sweet deer
some washi taped jars...
to be filled with christmas treats.
simple & effective,
just a few little things.
what are you working on now?
have an especially nice day today!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi Carol, I always love to read your posts... thanks so much!!! Pretty card and blue deers too :)
    I stop by to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. that card from your daughter is beautiful, I love the jars you decorated, and the little blue deer are so pretty on the blond wood of the side board, Merry christmas best wishes from Canada! Oh and your menu sounds yummy!!!!!!

  3. Your dinner menu sounds wonderful! What a cute idea for decorating treat jars with washi tape! Wishing you a very happy Christmas!

  4. You are doing amazing things - so organised!! I'm not even close to being as joyfully content as you, Carol AND I'm not even hosting such a glorious luncheon. Ah well.

    How cool is that card?!

    LOVE the jars... I might steal that idea for our party tomorrow, if that's okay!


  5. Oooh, I love the jars and the colourful candy canes. We are having an especially nice day today....a tea party and handmade-gifts giving session, then later tonight a few episodes of Downton Abbey to finish of the day...enjoyed in our PJ's a fascinator - just for fun!

  6. Love the pom pom! All the best to you and yours this Xmas! :)

  7. Glad your so organized, I'm the dessert queen at my end as well.Just never make a choc nougat torte - too difficult to cut. Love the lighted card and the washi tape is pretty, delightful details.

  8. LOVE those washi taped jars. Things are pretty calm here - we've been doing Christmas crafts and with all my shopping etc. done, I feel rather relaxed. Just need to make a cheesecake and some quiches on Sunday and bake some biscuits for a gift and make a potato salad on Monday night :)

  9. Let's hope your cat knows the difference between her pompom and the one in the tree!
    Your menu sounds great; I'm totally addicted to tiramisu, since an Italian boy made it for me last year. You are so well organized; I haven't decided on menu, cake or treats.
    Have a good weekend!

  10. You sound very organised Carol...well done :-) I still have to buy the meats and the vegies and a few other groceries. And a little bit of wrapping still to do. Love that Canadian Christmas card and those jars look so effective xx

  11. It all sounds wonderful and also calm and organised, Carol! The lit up Christmas card is lovely! I love that you made a pop pom for the tree and one for the cat too :)
    Have a happy weekend!
    Helen x

  12. Those little things are the nicest...haven't had too much time for all the little things but there is still a couple more days. xx

  13. It sounds like all is calm and organised in your home Carol, it must be a nice feeling. Such a special card from your daughter, so pretty how it lights up. Tonight we are relaxing, tomorrow there will be some sewing and a shopping list needs to be written but otherwise just taking things slowly. Have a very merry Christmas, may it be a day full of happiness and joy. Thank you for taking the time to always stop by and fill my space with your kind words. x

  14. So clever Carol. I especially love the washi tape on the jars...clever idea. Merry Christmas xx

  15. Christmas at your place sounds amazing Carol! I don't have much cooking to do this year, so we're organized, calm and enjoying the lead up to Christmas xx

  16. Sooo much loveliness! Love the pom-poms - haven't made those for ages, am definitely going to have to rectify that in the new year.

  17. Oh those deers are so sweet Carol, I love them! Also loving your Christmas jars, so pretty. You are super organised, hope this means you can kick back and enjoy the lead up to Christmas day now xo

  18. It all looks and sounds wonderful, Carol! I wish I could borrow your desert queen. :)
    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!


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