Friday, December 7, 2012

Something Borrowed...

though nothing blue!
just the sweet old-fashioned
bloom of frangipani...
i gave mr m a mission a few days ago.
as we don't have any blooming frangipani's in our yard,
i said
'if you find a branch hanging over the footpath on your daily walk
please pick a sprig for me?'
he declared
all the branches on neighbouring trees
were too high
or not growing over the path.
then last night
as i sat in the cool of the evening
watching tv,
he came in to the lounge room...
'here' he said, ' i found one'.
i put it tenderly in a jar of water, hoping it would still be beautiful this morning.
it was...
and the scent is heavenly!
whoever you are
that owns this tree...
please forgive
naturally Carol xox


  1. That's beautiful! My frangipani tree has had one flower several weeks ago and now has some buds on it...but it's never had such a magnificent crown of flowers like that one in your photo. If it ever does, I'll take photos you can be sure :-)

  2. Oh how wonderful the smell must be. I'm sure the owner would be happy to share with you. Hopefully!
    Too cold down here to grow Frangipanis unfortunately x

  3. Lucky you, I can imagine how sweet that smells! Very pretty, too.

  4. I love the smell of frangipani's! I wonder how they'll last in water?


  5. How beautiful your frangipani is!!! I love that tree so much, we have some here too!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  6. I imagine anyone who has one of these beautiful trees would want to share them with the world - so ENJOY..We have one in our backyard, it is such a daughter is always picking flowers from it and bringing them to me, meant to be shared, definately :)

  7. Oh you're so sweet Carol, I'm absolutely certain the owners would not miss that little snippet and they'd probably be thrilled it was in the possession of someone so appreciative. Frangi's are among my fave flowers, so incredibly pretty and the scent is just a knockout. I even brought Frangipani perfume once, just so I could smell like them all day long. Enjoy those blooms Carol xo

  8. Love love love these ...ours is not big enough to flower just yet ..hopefully one day.
    hey you won my giveaway..congrats I would love to send it to you so pop me your mailing address. xxx

  9. How beautiful your little frangipani snippet is....exquisite! The scent must be gorgeous too.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Carol.
    Helen x

  10. Carol, it is exquisite, and seems utterly exotic to someone from North Wales, UK. How I would love to be able smell that scent. Well done Mr M. :D

  11. That's a pretty one, with the pink tinge around the edges. Our neighbours across the road have a couple of frangipani trees on their footpath. I love the fragrance, sometimes I pick a few flowers to put in our bathroom.

  12. So beautiful and I am sure the smell is most lovely! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  13. Oh I do so love the fragrance of Frangiapani! We had some growing in our garden when we lived in Cape Town - I can almost smell it in your lovely pics. Bless your hubby!

  14. Lovely flower! It will remember me at Indonesia :-)

  15. Oh my gosh this is my most favorite tropical flower of all time! I once bought a little plumeria in Hawaii and grew it on for years but I could never make it bloom. But there's a huge plant in the botanic gardens in Vancouver and also here at RBG Kew and so I can always visit. If I lived in Hawaii I'd wear a plumeria lei every day. (or at least one in my hair) :)

  16. Beautiful Carol - the blooms and the sentiment x


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