Monday, August 19, 2013

A Bit About This & That!

how are you?
today i feel the need to just chat a bit...
life is full of little opportunities,
like the time the sun was just shining perfectly
on this tiny spiderweb
despite its broken unevenness
it made a moment beautiful.
of course not all moments are beautiful are they?
mr m has had a heart infection over the past few weeks
fortunately after many tests
the most recent tell us he's on the mend
and his heart size is back to normal...
then mr m's dog became very unwell...
it turned out that she had a two cancers in her uterus.
a week and a half ago
she had a hysterectomy and the vet took out the aggressive cancer...
the size of a baseball!
she's on the mend
bouncing about like it never happened!
ms b is transforming our garden
she's truly a green thumbed girl
like her auntie jill and both grandmas.
she's planted this pot of sweet Williams
tool boxes full of pansies and renunculas
to bloom in spring.
lavender and mondo grass to withstand the summer heat
fuschias, hibiscus and frangipanis
now grace our garden as well.
what a treasure a good gardener is!
our tiny kai is now 3 months old!
it has sped by and he's growing up
faster than a weed...hehe!
check out this bright baby boy...

he's the apple of his grandma's eye.
how are things at your house?
we have plenty to be grateful for.
naturally Carol xox



  1. Ah he is gorgeous Carol. So sorry to hear you've been through a mill just lately but thank goodness it's all working out well. Hopefully you can get in some good r&r. xx

  2. Wow you have had a lot going on....glad you have someone to brighten your day with beauty in the garden.
    Baby Kai is adorable. xxx

  3. So glad Mr B is on the mend! Must be lovely to see all the flowers being planted. Well done Ms B! Jillxx

  4. Wow, I hope Hubby is much better, my hubby had an infection of the heart membrane years ago and he thought he was having a heart attack, scary stuff isn't it. Love your spiderweb, too pretty to wipe away, will expect pretty flower pics now. Little Kai is looking so cute.

  5. Goodness me - you have had a lot to deal with. Glad everything is picking up. Thank goodness for daughters with green fingers and the cutest grandson!!

  6. So sorry to hear your family has been through some difficult times lately, and glad to hear that all is well again now. Baby Kai is so cute, such an adorable little face in that photo! How lovely that your daughter is planting flowers now she has returned......she does sound like a wonderful gardener!
    Sending warm wishes to you all, Carol.
    Helen x

  7. Nice to see updates from you, Carol. I'm sorry for the hard times you've been dealing with. Kai is growing up so much and getting really big. He's so cute!

  8. He's such a cutie, Carol:) Loved your post. Hearing the bits and pieces is really nice as a reader. Thanks for sharing those details with us:) May your hubby quickly be on the mend. That must have been a scary time for you all. Cheers to little gardeners. How lovely! x

  9. Goodness Carol, your family has been through the mill lately, but you have sweet Kai to cheer you ... what a cutie! Glad to read that things are on the up :)

  10. Kai is such a little sweetie. Gosh, you've had lots to deal with lately. Hope this month's a better one for you all xx


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