Monday, August 5, 2013

Twelve Weeks Old!

a new week!
i feel as though they're racing away this year
baby kai
my first and only grandson was 12 weeks old
on saturday.
look at those bright eyes,
they were blue at birth but are turning brown...
it has been so hot in taipei
that he gets around in his aussie bond's singlets mainly...
but i was thrilled to see
him wrapped up in the blanket i knitted
sent over before he was born.
this is my favourite pic.
just look at the way he gazes
adoringly at his dad.
his mum has had to go back to work
dad works from home
so is there with him every day.
it's an arrangement that's working for everybody.
i've just noticed the church across the road
has put up a sign
for a 'trash & treasure' day
next saturday...yay!
i hope they have some goodies for me...
have you found any lately?
enjoy your monday!
naturally Carol xox


  1. He is adorable and well done you for raising a son that is keen , able and willing to care for his son.

    Hope you find some treasures worth rescuing. xxx

  2. Aw Carol, he is sooo adorable! I just want to cuddle him :-) and the pic of him looking so adoringly at his dad, is just the sweetest. Hope you get to meet him properly real soon.
    Have a happy week,

  3. What a cutie! (and your son is pretty cute too!)

  4. Your grandson looks like he is just thriving! Beautiful photos.

  5. He is so beautiful. I'm glad he's doing well and he's certainly getting big! I love that photo with his dad. :)

  6. Oh, what a cutie pie!! Darling and sweet face he has!! Happy new week Carol! xo heather

  7. What a darling child, and that father and son shot is so special :)

  8. Lovely photos of Kai. Adorable! But just can't get over how much Mr S looks like his uncle! Jill xx

  9. Yes those 12 weeks have flown past Carol. Lovely photos - and it's good to hear that your son is being a stay at home Dad. My husband was for quite a while with our son, and I think it is special for fathers to do this if they can. cheers Wendy

  10. He is just cute as a button Carol! He looks so healthy and love his chubby little cheeks!!! Bet they love the blanket, what a gorgeous gift, Im sure it will become a bit of a family heirloom, something that can be passed down!

  11. Oh-my-goodness! He's SO cute Carol! I love the one of him & his Dad!

    Have fun on Saturday!
    Sarah xo

  12. Time has certainly flown, Carol. The photos of Kai are gorgeous!

  13. Oh my, look at the love! And what a little sweetie in his bonds and his hand knit blanket. xx

  14. Oh my hasn't the time flown by already. How lovely is that photo of Kai looking adoringly at his Dad and seeing him with his blanket must have made you smile. x


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