Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sweetly Said...

good evening!
thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday...hehe!
i couldn't help but notice
that most of you commented that
you don't think you would have enough
willpower to do it though.
i didn't think i had enough either,
that's why i decided not to 'go on a diet'
but after watching the youtube video...
sugar: the bitter truth...
i was struck by the chemistry
showing that sugar acts like a poison in your body.
who would look after themselves
by eating poison?
i would be interested to hear
what you have to say
when you watch the clip.
i can honestly say
that when i have had my 'day off'
i actually feel so sick
that i am longing to go back to my non-sugar state
the very next morning
feel it's now my more natural lifestyle!
maybe you have found like me
that i was craving carbohydrates,
becoming bloated and full
but not satisfied.
i don't feel this way now...
the cravings have gone.
my once a month sugar/floury treat
is to satisfy any feelings of deprivation
that have arisen over that month
when i look at what people around me are eating...
it's the social thing.
after all, eating itself is more than nutrition
and is a very social activity.
when i do get to eat my 'treat'...
the deception goes and i see once again
that sugar just tastes sweet
and i think...oh, that's all...
not really worth feeling deprived over!
if you really are interested
in being sugar/refined food free...
my best advice is
just take one meal at a time the first few days.
if you fail
just keep doing the best you can.
don't punish yourself
or call yourself a failure.
write down every meal you get through without sugar
so that you can see them adding up into days.
before long
you'll trust yourself
to continue
without writing everything down.
if you believe in God
ask for help...
give yourself some timeout
once a week/once a fortnight/once a month.
you will realise you're not missing much at all.
it gets harder
before it gets easier
but it's worth it!
wishing you all the best
with your sugar free journey...
{if you want one}
naturally Carol xox
ps...aren't the sweet peas a treat? a local florist put together this posy for me on monday, a small thank you from me for a job well done by my daughter in law.


  1. I've been so slack and haven't watch the clip, but I admire anyone who can give sugar the flick. I love a sugar in my tea so would find it difficult to give up, but perhaps there's another option. Good on you! I'm very impressed!

  2. Those sweet peas are gorgeous! One of the best things about my avoiding sugar has been that I'm no longer hungry all the time, something that David Gillespie explained.On Sunday I had a burger while out for had onion jam and 2 slices of beetroot. I knew they had sugar in them but I still ate Sunday night and Monday I had lots of trips to the loo as the sugar seems to affect my bladder. I used to have to get up twice in the night to go to the loo,but after giving up sugar, I 'sleep through' the whole night :-) Then I also have less aches and pains it is so amazing how sugar affects our bodies!

  3. Just catching up on your posts, Carol. I can't believe you are giving up the sugar. That will be tough! But I have the feeling you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. x

  4. We are making similar changes in our diet around here, one step at a time. I appreciate your honest writing.
    Good for you sticking with it.

  5. I've been trying a recipe a week that doesn't have refined sugar in it and I have to say I really don't mind it at all. I still do enjoy the taste of sweet things but honey and maple syrup seem to do the trick but I don't do it all the time though. Good on you for the sugar free way I really think it would be a great thing to do for your body. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Congrats on yir achievement and changes. You've shared some really awesome insights and hints to making it work for others in a realistic way if they think they're going to struggle with self control.

    Visiting from weekend rewind.

  7. Firstly, great post, and I will remember your one meal at a time advice.

    And secondly, you have sweet peas in early spring?!

  8. First of all, beautiful sweet peas! And secondly, I was MOST interested in this post (and the one before) about sugar! I gave up sugar last year and was amazed by the changes in my body and how great I felt as a result. Of course, sugar has crept back into my life, but not as much as it did! I do find it hard to stay off of it, and eating out makes things most difficult. But if you can avoid it, your body definitely thanks you!

    All the best Carol, and keep us up to date! x

  9. Hi Carol, Just catching up on your last couple of Posts. Good on you for quitting sugar! This is right up my alley at the moment as I'm also making changes to my diet in an effort to lose some excess kilos. I like that concept that you're following of allowing a day to have treats to avoid that feeling of being deprived. It seems wise as the giving up of something is very much an emotional thing isn't it? It is for me anyway. Wishing you continued success! And yes those sweet peas are absolutely gorgeous. Mel xxx

  10. Good luck with your new eating habits Carol,you sound like you are coping well, we could all use a lot less sugar, salt and fat in our diets. I watched that video a while back and a few others about food additives, wheat modification etc, so interesting. I downloaded a pdf copy of that book from 1972/1986 Pure, white and deadly, also interesting. Isn't a pity we can't even rely on our governments to help make choices easier without those big food companies getting their way. Better food labeling would be great. Ps. gorgeous flowers.


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