Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No Sugar Please!

today i am celebrating
having been {almost} sugar free
white flour free
practically processed foods free
for six weeks.
i say 'almost' & 'practically'
i allow myself one day a month
to indulge in anything i may be totally yearning for
sometimes a little tiny bit of white flour or sugar may
creep into a meal
as a thickener or to enhance a flavour
for as much as possible i have stuck to it.
was it easy?
not at first.
it was ok for the first few days
then it got harder
before it got easier again.

the best video inspiration?
go to youtube,
watch "sugar: the bitter truth"...enlightening!
meals were not much of a problem...
basically meat or protein with veges/salad.
i have learned to love nuts, raisins, dates
& fresh fruit,
sometimes a bit of cheese.
my favourite is
greek full fat yoghurt, banana,
a tsp honey and a bit of fresh cream...yummo.
this satisfies all my sweet 'n' creamy desires!
have i lost weight?
yes...not really fast but it's going.
what are the advantages then?
i sleep better.
i'm happier with a clear conscience knowing
my body is getting vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive and heal.
i am more energetic.
i'm setting a better example for my family.
i want this to be a way of life, not a diet.
it's early days yet
i've got this far!
what good things are you doing for yourself today?
naturally Carol xox
p.s...what did i indulge in on those two days?  first day in july, american marshmallows and sausage rolls for dinner....second day in august, sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and cream! i wonder what september's will be?


  1. Good for you! (Literally lol) We cut white sugar from our diet several years ago, so when I bake I use rapadura or honey instead. I'm now at the point where I can't stand the taste of white sugar, and my body actually reacts to it!

    If you're interested I suggest you read nourishing traditions by Sally Falon...a really great book!

    Sarah xx

  2. YUmmm!!! i love sticky date pudding!! never really thought about cutting out sugar totally, always thought it might be impossible, might have to watch that youtube video!

  3. Well done and keep it up! Xx

  4. Well done Carol! It's so good to read about the health benefits that you've noticed. And I remember last summer, you went swimming most days so if you start that again, you'll lose even more weight. But losing the weight slowly is the best despite what the ads say! lol

  5. wooow Carol,

    i like your pudding!

    greatings send you Conny

  6. Go you! That's fabulous that you're changing old habits and feeling great. Xx

  7. Go you, Carol! I love hearing that others are making changes, and that all outcomes are achievable and so positive.

    I have increased our fruit intake (via smoothies) and when I bake, I reduce the sugar content LOTS. I am also running still, and feeling much better with this healthier lifestyle. Not to mention, we walk everywhere here in HK, no need for a car, it is fabulous.

  8. That is an awesome effort.....you are right about the benefits...it is just so hard to do...self control and will power...both of which I have little. xxx

  9. Good for you, Carol! Must be fun to plan your meals for that one day a month, but I can imagine that the day after is hard!! I don't eat much sugar as I hardly ever eat processed, packaged foods ... but wine is my downfall.

  10. Go Carol! I am so with you on this ... I used to do it but slipped and am about to start again. Wish me luck!!

  11. That youtube clip is certainly powerful. Congratulations on the 6 weeks!....inspiring.

  12. Well done!
    I'm not sure I'd have the will power!

  13. Yeah good on you Carol I bet although hard at the start you must feel great for the change in diet. I love how you still give yourself a treat too but a healthy non refined sugar alternative. Thank you for reminding me about your yummy desserts I'm feeling like a sweet treat and I have some apricots in the fridge which will be yummy with just a touch of cream:) xx

  14. I'm certainly being a lot more conscious of my choices but I'm not sure I'd ever have the willpower (or desire) to cut out sugar completely
    I'm glad you feel better for it though - that must surely be the main aim!

  15. Dear Carol,
    We have been sugar free for 18 months now although we occasionally lapse for a special event, lol
    I use spelt flour in anything I make and soak it in buttermilk or recently have started sprouting it too.
    I love hearing other peoples stories thank you for sharing


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