Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grateful for...

good afternoon,

i'm grateful that i found banana bread on special this morning!...

"why?" you may ask.

well lately every time i go out somewhere for coffee
i am so tempted by their banana bread..
it costs anywhere from $3.50 to $3.95 (at macca's!!)
for a slice of banana bread, with butter on the side.

so now i have enough banana bread for five whole days..a week really,
at less than 50 cents a piece..yay!
{or maybe some to share?..or not!}

so i will have a piece of banana bread with my own espresso coffee..
that mr w brought me from the capricorn coast last week.

i will watch the world go by...
relaxing & flicking through a mag
and not go anywhere! haha!

in case you missed the 'grateful' hints,
i'm joining in with 'maxabella' today.

i'm also grateful for...
royal weddings
where they've set up hundreds of cameras
so i can be a 'fly on the wall'
with the rest of the world!

i loved everything about it...
even some of the silly hats.
i don't think i could keep a straight face while
having a hat stuck to the side of my face like a paper plate in a windstorm...
or some weird curly twigs
sticking up like antennae!!

it was all part of the fun
catherine and william were perfect.

enjoy your weekend...

naturally Carol xox

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding Day & Giveaway!

good morning!

i have proved to myself this morning
that i'm just another romantic soul.

with london on every airwave..
or so it seems,
i was overtaken by the urge to create
a cushion to honour the royal wedding...

i wonder what wills and kate will be up to
when big ben gets to five minutes to one!

will they be married..or almost?

i couldn't resist embroidering a tiny crown on the tag this time...

and had to put a small gold button on the selvedge
with a coat of arms...'cos there had to be little bit o' bling!

sorry about the lack of quality in this photo...
the dog (kara) kept interfering..nudging my elbow for a pat
while i was taking all these and this one isn't the clearest of pics!

you can see a little of the back though
with it's polka dots and black buttons...
i'm putting it in the shop in a minute,
so if you'd like it, you'll have to beat off the!

talking about dogs..and pets..
the news this morning said some people want to change the name 'pet'
to 'animal companion' 'cos apparently the name 'pet' is derogatory to an animal!!!!
{is this more political correctness gone bananas???}
ha ha ha !!!

now for a wedding day giveaway...

these remind me of english country gardens!
a tumble of flowers and colours,
light and shade.

i thought i'd give these little cushions to two people
who leave comments on this site...
normal (for me) rules apply.

ie...if you're a follower you get 2 votes for leaving a comment,
if you're not you get 1 vote.
anybody, whereever you live, can enter...

my friend debbie from canberra sent me the little squares...
already sewn into four patch squares!

vanessa {clip cafe & flower photography blogs}
from western australia sent the inserts...
which i ended up not needing for the theodore cushion collection!

mel sent the lovely pink backing fabric...
it was in my pink present from the colour swap!

and i added assorted threads and buttons and labour!

they are only tiny cushions..about 35cm x 35 cm
but very sweet.

all the best to the brits
and their royal wedding...
we're celebrating with you this friday!

naturally Carol xox

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shhh! Don't Let Mum Know!

hi !

mother's day in australia is the second sunday in may...
it's not very far away when i have to post something to nz from oz.

my mum has lived in the same fifties built and designed house
since then...
except for a very short time when it was rented out
and we moved from auckland to rotorua for dad's work.

i can remember my bedroom in rotorua had a big hole in the floor
where you could see the dirt underneath the house..haha!

when we came home again
i can remember my parents being disappointed
'cos someone had put cigarette burns into the lino on the toilet floor
of their new house..i was it was less than five years old.

now the house is over fifty years old!

it looks a lot like one of the houses on this cushion...

that is why i loved this fabric
with circa 50 houses...
ours is mostly like the ones with the angled roof
and the row of little windows on the right hand side of it...

except mum & dads house has a long window
looking right down our long driveway
with a view of the sea in the distance...
which sparkles on sunny days!

actually that little if is right next to the one that looks mostly like mum's house!

the trees look like cabbage trees..
very commonly seen in the yards of auckland's
i didn't really like them when i was growing up.
i appreciate their qualities more now.

a little more retro on the back...

so don't tell my mum,
if you happen to see her in the street,
and happen to know her and wave to her and say 'hello'...
don't tell her i'm sending her this cushion
for mother's day & her birthday as well...
'cos i don't want you to spoil the surprise!
{so keep this one & jill}

have a rockin' retro thursday!

naturally Carol xox

p.s....i forgot it was kootoyoo's linky day...we're linkin up here!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Express Post!

good morning!

please join me in celebrating

no 2 & no 1

cushions to go to nanango primary school today
in the post asap!

0 to do!!!!!

the kindy and prep classes will have 35 new cushions
for 2nd term...

thank you to maree at 'on my verandah'
for these two...

beautiful bright patches will delight the kids for sure
soft and 'ill be flaking out on the floor!

circles and patches on this one
i think it looks a lot of fun...

now let's put the two together
and forget about the dreary weather!

the kids are in for a treat
these two together look absolutely sweet!

they've got buttoned up backs
and tons of style.

thanks a heap maree
you're a star!

i've made a cushion for my mum that i'll show you tomorrow..
a kind of birthday/mother's day thing.

have a happy day and celebrate something too..only no chocolate!
{for me}

naturally Carol xox

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seeing Rabbits in the Sky!

good morning!

i was just wondering how to start this post..
{my 200th by the way!}
and thinking about easter celebrations and anzac day
all mixed up..

then i was daydreaming and looking out the window
next to the computer and saw a rabbit
in the sky!

being a good blogger i grabbed the camera..haha..
what do you see?

can you see his long ears, his front feet and his bulbous eye
as he runs across the sky!!

i can
i can even see a mouth and a nose and a grey fluffy tail..
so long easter bunny...til next year : )

nancy asked me what anzac day is.

stands for

"lest we forget"

i got this info off

"anzac was the name given to the australian and new zealand army corps
who landed on the gallipoli peninsula in turkey early in the morning
of 25th april 1915 during world war 1 (1914-1918).

every nation must, sooner or later, come for the first time
to a supreme test of quality and the result of that test
will hearten or dishearten those
who come afterwards.
for the fledgling nation of australia that test was at gallipoli."

on anzac day,
every 25th april,
we acknowledge and thank all our service men and women
who have died in defence of the freedom of australians.

we celebrate by watching parades of surviving men and woman of the armed services
who have served overseas and remember those who have not come home.
we make anzac biscuits and go to the pub and play two up
and talk about the heroic deeds of these people
and the day is declared a holiday for the nation.

i hope this makes things a little clearer for all of my overseas visitors.

well it's dollar movie day down at the video shop
so i'm off to find me a movie and make another cushion this afternoon!

naturally Carol xox

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

good morning...

He is risen!

martha therefore, when she heard that Jesus was coming , went to meet Him:
but mary still sat in the house.
martha therefore said to Jesus, "Lord, if You had been here,
my brother would not have died.
"even now i know whatever You ask of God, God will give You"
Jesus said to her, "your brother shall rise again"
martha said to Him, "i know that he will rise again in the resurrection
on the last day."
Jesus said to her, " I am the resurrection and the life;
he who believes in Me shall live even if he dies,
and everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die.
do you believe this?"

she said "yes, Lord: i have believed that You are the Christ,
the Son of God,
even He who comes into the world."
john 11: 20-26

i believe too.

new life...
His life..His Spirit..welcomed into my life..
when He comes into my heart
i am made into a new person...
the old is gone.

that's why new chicks, butterflies and little bunnies
are part of easter celebrations...
chicks & flowers..part of miss b's easter hat,
the tablecloth is vintage from mr w's mum...
isn't it georgeous!

a very happy first anniversary to mr t and sharrie!!!


naturally Carol xox

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday...

good afternoon on this good friday!

i was going to show a photo of our hot cross buns on a platter..
i forgot the camera and when i remembered they'd all been scoffed!

i love...
 hot cross buns when they've been in the oven for 10 mins
and are crisp on top and soft in the middle
and dripping..{a little to be somewhat healthy!} with butter!

i celebrate...
 being a christian every day.

i love...
 being set free from the power of sin every day
and knowing that i have eternity with Jesus
starting from today..everyday!

i love...
knowing there is and can never be any law against the fruit of the Spirit...
self control!

but today is special 'cos i get to talk about it a little!

in lieu of hot cross bun pics
 i'll show you some more of maree's cushion covers...
{kindness in action!}

the kids of nanango primary will be resting their little prep and kindy heads
on these very soon!

the backs...

these are

{slack of me for not showing yesterday but nos 6 & 5 were yesterday}

nos 4 & 3 today!

we are nearly there.

pop in and visit maree at 'on my verandah'..anytime i'm sure!
thanks maree.

so celebrate today,
Jesus died to overcome sin and death for me..and you!

naturally Carol xox

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birds & Butterflies!

good afternoon!

after a lovely morning tea at gunabul homestead
comprised of a tall berry smoothie,
scones with jam and cream
and cheesecake and caramel squares..just little pieces...

i came home to a mown lawn...
smelling heavenly
{don't you just love the look and smell of newly mown grass!}


two packages in the letter box,
one from the fat quarter shop..mmmm!
a package from maree..from 'on my verandah'
there were 6 cushion covers inside...
all for the kids at nanango primary school...

i'm just going to treat you to two today..haha!

here they are on the black couch..aren't they pretty...
they look like spring and Easter all in one!

little birds 'n' patches
and candy colours!

a baby blue and brown back with unusual mauve buttons...

the second cushion

beautiful butterfly fabric..feels and looks like seersucker...
and daisies.

more butterflies and daisies in a field of green on the back
and butter yellow buttons.

these are fabulous maree
and will brighten up the classroom no end!

maree makes delightful quilts and has a shop
full of fabric and quilting do dahs...
she'd love you to visit and say hi,
i'm sure.

mr m was off to brizbin...haha..this morning,
mr w is on his way here from gladstone
so we're a travellin' family today!

wishing you safe travel over easter if you're on your way anywhere...
remember to stock up on hot cross buns today..yum.

naturally Carol xox

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making Up is Hard to Do!

howdy folks!
thought i'd give you a country greeting this morning..haha...

i've already been to aussie post this morning
to send an rak parcel
to a mystery person...unknown to you
and known only as a name and address to me!!

'cos i had to take mr p to work at 8 am
and we only got up at 7.30 am
i had to take my makeup with me this morning
so i could go to the post office!

so there i was waiting in a car space
in the car for the post office to open
surreptitiously putting on my makeup
pretending i was looking in my handbag..haha
when anybody went past.

o the joys of aging skin!!
when i was young like you lot
i didn't wear makeup either
now i have to fill in the little wrinkles a bit
and camouflage the blemishes.

here is the little handmade something i put into the rak package
of course it's a baby cushion...
{not for a baby..just a small one..35cm x 35cm}

after all i haven't made one for a week or so... lol!

because i was in so much of a hurry
having to get dressed and take photos
feed the clamouring hungry puppies..well dogs really...
and get mr p to work
all within half an hour
i forgot to take a pic of the back..
but i'm sure you can imagine it,
buttoned with blue buttons and the same fabric as the front.

see if you can't whip something crafty up this wednesday...
just for the fun of it!

naturally Carol xox

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bella Bunting!

good morning!

a funny thing happened this morning
as a result i'm having a slightly different morning than i'd planned...

i was driving to the post office
and our main street was chock-a-block with traffic.
there isn't much parking anyway
but with the rain and school hols
i didn't stand a chance!

anyway i was cruising up the main street at about 10km/hr
and so had plenty of time to check out the mirror
and haha!
found i didn't put my makeup on...horror!
so i had to come home again.

well i thought that as i was here i may as well write to you all now...
and read all those yummy comments about my apron..thanks..
you are such an encouraging bunch!

i thought i'd show you the made up bunting
that nic from yardage design
very kindly sent my way...

on one side is a string of nic's lovely designs...

i've backed the flags with spots...

sorry nic..i know i haven't done your side justice
but when i take better photos i'll show it off again!

with the light behind it even though this is the blue and white side
the spots still show!
and when there isn't as much light it just looks like a silhouette!

in real life though it looks great and it's going to stay up
until after easter and then make appearances for all special occasions..
i just love it's festive look.

mr m isn't feeling too well today
but i'm so glad to see him and have him home for a little while!

today is a good day..
hope yours is good too!

naturally Carol xox

Monday, April 18, 2011

Farmdale Apron!

despite the clouds and the rain
it has been a good day so far!

i had an order for an apron
so i made it up today.
when i saw the 'farmdale' fabric
that came in the post last week
i knew that it would make just the one she wanted..i hope, anyway!

after making so many cushions,
i felt a bit rusty making an apron..
but i think it turned out ok.

all the bells & whistles are here,
the selvedge detail
the embroidered 'if'' tag...

this baby is all ready to pack up
and go to a new home!

mr m is coming up to visit..yay
it's been a while since i've seen him
and kara, his dog, will be over the moon.

it's getting a bit chilly here as the afternoon wears on,
and there's not a ray of sunshine in sight
so i'm off to put on a woolly cardi
and i'll catch you later!

take care & have fun

naturally Carol xox

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grateful for...Balance!


joining in with 'maxabella' today

thanks for all your wonderful encouraging and complimentary comments
concerning the opening of my little 'made it' store...
i reread them just now 'cos i needed to soak them in!

i've made the most awful mistake..
my photos of a couple of covers was appalling
and now i'm going to have to redo them..
live & learn i!

so after being a bit ok..a lot..consumed by this new venture...
it is so refreshing to be able to poke my head out the window
and see my mr p enjoying his beloved car.

these are things in my life
i don't understand much about,
no matter how much the boys explain
it just cruises over my head!

so i drive and don't worry about it...

look at the grin on mr p's face,
he just can't get enough of that engine  : )

that puts a smile on my face
and brings balance back into my universe!

don't ya just love it when your kids are happy...

naturally Carol xox

Friday, April 15, 2011

I've Made It!!

good evening..
haha..two posts in one day!

i just had to let you all know
that i've

thank you for all your encouragement
when i posted 'my new venture'
and then just got too busy to do the deed
and actually open a store
{and there was a little bit of 'cold feet' involved too..i confess!}

i bit the bullet

has this


cushion covers for last!

now..all i need
is one of those cute little buttons
to put up on the right hand side here...
i don't know how to get one.

if you know where to get one
and how to put it here..please.

thanks for your patience with me...

naturally Carol xox

p.s..and no i'm not going to go all salesy on's just an outlet for the stuff i make so that i can keep making the things i really want to and perhaps pay for a bit of fabric to keep making them!

Teddy Surprises!

good morning!

a couple of days ago
i received a surprise package
from one of my best friends..

remember debbie from canberra?
she sent me the fabric panels
which ended up being 'cat' cushions.

 debbie sent me some teddy fabric
and some red hearts and stripes fabric...

i think they are lovely & bright for the kids...
thanks deb!

don't they look georgeous on the black couch?

these cushions will be

nos 10, 9, 8 & 7
{only six more to go for the nanango primary kids...
and i know maree from 'on my verandah'
is sending six shortly!}

caroline is sending some too..
and i'm sure kids in theodore will make good use of them.

i think we are very near the end of our mission!
when the final cushion covers come in we'll be celebrating here
so watch this space...

i am so grateful to all of you!

naturally Carol xox

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tiny Ballet Dancers!

good morning...
it's a little foggy here this morning
but i'm sure that will clear!
{a bit like my mind at the moment..mmm.}

i have two more beauties from bron
at 'taylor made',
'cos they were so different from the cushions i showed you yesterday
i thought they needed their own post.

these are truly for the females...

aren't they adorable?

classical ballet dancers
pink rosebuds!
this cushion is so soft and cuddly
a real retro beauty.

i love the way this is constructed...
pretty strips of pinked fabric
sewn on to the purple then
lace and buttons...

just loving the button!

and another georgeous ballet dancer !

thanks for the little present...
for moi

so thoughtful!

the ballet dancers

no's 12 & 11
{only 10 more to go for nanango prep and kindy kids!}

i'm off to gunabel homestead for a cuppa this morning..
mmm..i has been a busy week...
and i'm lovin' it!

tonight i'm going to a special night
called 'for her'...
a special speaker..michelle mitchell,
who has written a book on raising teenage girls,
and amazing decorations and gifts just for girls like me to appreciate..
and a candle lit supper...

looks like it's going to be a great night out tonight!

i'm hoping you'll be dancing through the day...

naturally Carol xox