Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back on the Black Couch!

good morning!
it is an excellent morning, this morning...
thank you
for all your prayers and thoughts bouncing their way to heaven
and through cyberspace to me here!

i am sure they helped me get through yesterday
and my two big challenges.

i suppose you are wondering how they turned out now...
the work appointment went well,
i found that the lady i had to meet was very friendly
and i'll enjoy our meetings from now on
i am pretty sure i passed the test..
a few gaps but mainly i remembered the stuff i studied..YAY!!!

when i got that test handed in
such a sense of relief swept over me
when i walked out of the lecture room
the stars looked brighter
and the frogs sang louder!

this morning is absolutely beautiful
and i have a lovely day ahead.
in a couple of hours
i'm off to help a group of women
do some decorating for a special event tomorrow night...
so it's all play today :)

my bright spot yesterday
was finding a package nestled next to my letterbox...

in the package were 6 cushion covers
for the preps and kinders at nanango primary school
who lost all of their school equipment in the floods in january...
and need 35 cushions for these classes.

how cute are these?

no 16 & 15...
"the paddingtons"

n.b. i'm back on the black couch...
mr t and sharrie have moved to the bedroom
that mr m vacated when he moved to brisbane
i swapped the couches
and the black couch is now in the lounge room
so i can use it!
{sorry if i've just bored you senseless..hehe!}

no 14
"the hippos"

don't you just love that hippo that's going a different way!
i wonder what he's looking for.

it's definitely boy time...

no 13
"the dinosaurs"

i am always amazed at the way
each person interprets this challenge creatively...
thanks so much to bron today!
i'm going to add her to my blogroll now
so that you can go and see her
anytime you want to...
at 'taylormade'

oh and before i forget...
just a little preview for tomorrow..
we've got two more of bron's covers

don't you love the way she wrapped up the package!
i just want to have that little button for myself...
oh well,

that'll have to be enough peeking
'til tomorrow...

naturally Carol xox


  1. So glad to hear everything went well yesterday and that you were able to rise up to meet all the challenges that you'd set for yourself :-)
    Oh, love that hippo one! I'd love that for meerkat's room (she has a red&white thing going on!)

  2. Your new cushions look great on the black couch!

  3. Yay they are great I just love Paddington!!

  4. Okay, so I am a little late to be praying for your test...sorry...but I am, however, praising God for the blessings you received yesterday!!!

    Love the cushions...they look wonderful on the black couch! Take care


  5. I'm glad to hear that the work and the test went well for you! Praise the Lord!

    Those cushions are so cute and perfect for the kiddos. Really fun fabric!

  6. So glad everything went well, Carol! These cushions are adorable, especially the red and white hippos. Cute!


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