Monday, April 18, 2011

Farmdale Apron!

despite the clouds and the rain
it has been a good day so far!

i had an order for an apron
so i made it up today.
when i saw the 'farmdale' fabric
that came in the post last week
i knew that it would make just the one she wanted..i hope, anyway!

after making so many cushions,
i felt a bit rusty making an apron..
but i think it turned out ok.

all the bells & whistles are here,
the selvedge detail
the embroidered 'if'' tag...

this baby is all ready to pack up
and go to a new home!

mr m is coming up to visit..yay
it's been a while since i've seen him
and kara, his dog, will be over the moon.

it's getting a bit chilly here as the afternoon wears on,
and there's not a ray of sunshine in sight
so i'm off to put on a woolly cardi
and i'll catch you later!

take care & have fun

naturally Carol xox


  1. You make the most beautiful aprons Carol, I love this one!

  2. That's a beautiful apron, Carol! It must make a nice change from making all those cushions and the fabric is lovely.

  3. Fabulous print Carol! You can be the Apron queen as well!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your apron and the fabric too!. You make it look so easy to make. I am inspired to get out my sewing machine and get creative's been awhile between stitches!

    Nic xo

  5. I looove pretty aprons. (yes my header is new for Autumn). Charmaine

  6. That fabric is very cool. The apron is cool too. The person who ordered it will be happy, I'm sure. xx

  7. Love the fabric...I am sure the new owner will be thrilled.

  8. Yay!!! My brain rebooted and I've now found your madeit store! A couple of the colour schemes in those cushions are right up a friend's alley - will pass on the link. GO you!

  9. Beautiful fabric! Your apron looks really fab!!!

  10. That fabric is so perfect for an apron, Carol. Great choice!! x

  11. The apron looks fantastic Carol, I love the fabric...


  12. Beautiful apron, Carol. I love that you mixed up the large and the small Farmdale print. Turned out great.

  13. Hello Carol! It's beautiful and the fabric is just perfect! xxx Teje

  14. Oh I love the fabric you used for this apron. It looks! Love it!

  15. I love a good apron. That one there - with all that appley goodness - is a sure-fire hit.

  16. Good morning Carol,

    What an adorable apron! it reminds me of fall and trips to the apple orchards. Now, I am feeling the need to bake an apple pie...Ha!
    Hope you have a lovely day!


  17. I love the way you have the coordinating fabric and trim - such a gorgeous touch! love the apples :-)

  18. Love it! You make the best aprons ever!

  19. Lovely! You are so good at making aprons and each one is a little bit different!
    Helen x

  20. Hi Carol, I am sure that we all agree 100%+ that the lovely apron rocks. I would wear it even if I was not cooking that is just how great it looks the fabric print and colours are extra special. We in SA had the best weather this weekend gone. It is still nice, no rain for us.
    I am enjoying the sunshine. How fun is it that you forgot your makeup. You truly are a online
    dynamo we tend to use make up less and less!
    Have the best week, Sue

  21. Oh that's a gorgeous apron. I love the fabric.

  22. oh my Carol, I adore your aprons. hmmmmm, one of these will be perfect to wear in our LHOW...x

    Might have to pop over to your madeit shoppie


  23. This makes me want to eat apples. What gorgeous fabric, and beautifully finished.

  24. What fun apple fabric. Great apron!

  25. Carol,
    I ran across this fabric the other day and said to myself, "That's Carol's apron!" I didn't get it then but am going to go back and buy it. Such a cute apple apron! Thanks for the inspiration!


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