Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shhh! Don't Let Mum Know!

hi !

mother's day in australia is the second sunday in may...
it's not very far away when i have to post something to nz from oz.

my mum has lived in the same fifties built and designed house
since then...
except for a very short time when it was rented out
and we moved from auckland to rotorua for dad's work.

i can remember my bedroom in rotorua had a big hole in the floor
where you could see the dirt underneath the house..haha!

when we came home again
i can remember my parents being disappointed
'cos someone had put cigarette burns into the lino on the toilet floor
of their new house..i was it was less than five years old.

now the house is over fifty years old!

it looks a lot like one of the houses on this cushion...

that is why i loved this fabric
with circa 50 houses...
ours is mostly like the ones with the angled roof
and the row of little windows on the right hand side of it...

except mum & dads house has a long window
looking right down our long driveway
with a view of the sea in the distance...
which sparkles on sunny days!

actually that little if is right next to the one that looks mostly like mum's house!

the trees look like cabbage trees..
very commonly seen in the yards of auckland's
i didn't really like them when i was growing up.
i appreciate their qualities more now.

a little more retro on the back...

so don't tell my mum,
if you happen to see her in the street,
and happen to know her and wave to her and say 'hello'...
don't tell her i'm sending her this cushion
for mother's day & her birthday as well...
'cos i don't want you to spoil the surprise!
{so keep this one & jill}

have a rockin' retro thursday!

naturally Carol xox

p.s....i forgot it was kootoyoo's linky day...we're linkin up here!


  1. Such cute fabric. I adore the button detail too!

  2. Such a lovely and sweet post! Childhood memories are popping out from our mind and make a great influence to our tastes and choices sometimes....
    I'm sure your mom will love the cushion, and I won't tell her, be sure! :)

  3. What a Perfect gift, Carol. I think I will madly drop some hints to get a signature cushion for Mothers' Day myself! (and you know whose madeit store springs to mind!!!)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today. Your reference to humility is one I should bookmark as I know I can be lacking in this department!! And kalsomine wanted you to know that when I wrote my Easter post the 'with respect' had you very much at the top of my mind! x

  4. Darn iPhone auto correct! I have no idea who kalsomine is either. Meant to say 'I also'!! x

  5. Oh so sweet Carol!!! Such a precious gift to your Mom, I bet she will be thrilled! :)

  6. I love these houses. An artist Peter O'Doherty early collection was of these houses. I should have bought one when I first saw it 10 years ago for $600 now $5,000. Charmaine

  7. Such a sweet idea to make this for your mum - I'm sure she'll be thrilled! The fabric is amazing, and how lovely that it echoes the style of your family's home. Have a lovely day.
    Helen x

  8. Nice to look back down Memory Lane...
    I'm sure your Mum will be Thrilled with this Lovely Cushion...

  9. Don't we all appreciate what has been or what we had, afterwards? Lovely post Carol! And just in case I might bumb into your mom, I won't spill the beans.

  10. How fun!

    What a great find for you with that fabric--she's going to love it!

    Happy Birthday and Mother's Day to her!

  11. What a wonderful gift - and a lovely story to go with it!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  12. I love this. So special and a great story too. Thanks for sharing. And I know your mother will LOVE this!


  13. What a beautiful gift i am sure your mum will just love it

  14. I am sure your mum will love it Carol! I was wondering when mothers da was coming, so thanks for the reminder!!! Fantastic work on the cushion!
    Laura xx

  15. Love this fabric, Carol. How neat is it that it's just like your mom's house?!? She will love this cushion for sure!

  16. Hi Carol, Just love those retro 50's house cushions. How very sweet!!!! This week has flown by so fast. Enjoyed every minute of the royal wedding too. Have the best weekend, Sue

  17. Hi Carol,
    What a fab cushion - love the fabric, and that pop of red contrast on the back is just gorgeous. Your family home sounds wonderful - I especially loved the description of the sparkling water seen from the long window...
    Thanks for visiting me today, I'm off to have a little poke around this lovely space...
    x Sarah


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