Thursday, May 30, 2013


good morning to you!
i must say the morning has improved with age..

heading down these very same steps this morning was a very different matter!
as usual these days
every second week mr m and i have a very early start.
just after half past three in the morning
i take him to work.
just as he's putting on his shoes and socks
i head out the door to warm up the car,
saying, "i'll meet you in the car".
that said i stepped outside and noticed the bulb in the outside light was blown.
i thought to myself...
'i'd better be a bit careful on the stairs'.
i can't take my own advice.
i stepped off the second to bottom step
bit the dirt.
i squealed in surprise ...and a bit of pain...
but the only creatures to notice
were the dogs across the road.
i lay in complete shock
spitting out bits of pencil pine
and dirt.
first glasses...not broken..sigh of relief.
second beautiful near new 'sacs' purple handbag...
brushing it survived too.
nothing broken...good.
thank goodness for strong bones...and a bit of padding!
later i noticed i was still finding grit in my mouth
and in my hair.
i got up very slowly...a bit embarrassed really...
at stepping out into thin air
and falling over like a school kid..hehe...
a bit pleased that it was the middle of the night, in the dark,
where the world wasn't watching.
i limped to the car.
mr m emerged from the house.
i told my story.
he was surprised...hehe..he didn't feel the earth quake
or hear my protest.
i'm all washed up now
but nursing my tender leg and a knee that's a little stiff.
i'll recover,
but today i'm a fallen woman.
bottom step...
i fell for you once
but never again
if i can help it!
unfortunately i know for sure
that i can't fly...oh well.
have you ever taken a fall?
{maybe i've been too proud lately.}
naturally Carol xox



  1. Oh my, I am sorry you took a spill but glad you are all right. I have done this more than I care to say..I'm a bit of a klutz. Most of the time my feelings get hurt more than anything else and I feel a bit foolish. Hopefully no bruises on you.

    Have a great week. xo

  2. oh no carol, you poor thing! i hope you are not suffering any more!!! I recieved your beanie just now; totally in love with them!!! They are so adorable and so soft!! thankyou sooo much ! I love how u wrapped them and the little clouds and washi tape! i opened the package so carefully so that i could take a picture later on! but didnt want to wait to peek inside!!! I think you are so clever! Actually, now i am glad i havent paid you yet as i think i should send more that what you quoted!!! i will get that done right onto it! Thankyou again!!!!! you are too sweet!!! sending you a great big virtual hug! xxxxx

  3. Oh dear, sorry to hear that Carol, but glad you are on the mend! I know the feeling, I had a fall in front of some people at a playground the other day, running backwards to catch a ball from my son, when I fell straight down on my backside, over my daughter's bike which I hadn't seen her park there seconds before..I was fine, but my ego was surely bruised. Of course I laughed it off at the time, but it really does strip one of one's dignity, atleast momentarily, better to move on as quickly as possible, I reckon :-) x

  4. Oh no Carol what a fright you must have given yourself. I'm so glad to hear that you are on the mend and that you didn't seriously hurt yourself. Rest up I hope that your knee feels better soon. xx

  5. Ouch! I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt in your tumble. Sometimes I do really stupid things, like fall off the edge of sidewalks and twist my ankles. How does a person fall of a sidewalk? I don't know, but I do.

  6. Oo, sounds like a nasty fall. You are not alone, I almost did the splits on a slippery shop floor once. I landed on my knees with only my pride hurt. The most memorable slip up was trying to hop over a dog bed and breaking my foot. I swear the doctors found it quite amusing! J x

  7. Ouch! I hope you're less sore now x

    I once stepped out of the front passenger seat of the car only to discover my feet were caught in my handbag strap ... face hit tarmacadam! Most embarrassing as it happened outside my husband's workplace just as everyone was headed home.

  8. Oh dear...there is nothing worse than a fall physically or pridefully.....put your feet up be kind to yourself and don't forget to get someone to change the light bulb, xxxx

  9. Hope you're not too bruised and tender today Carol. You're allowed to take it easy. It can't be easy getting up at that time of the morning at the best of times, let alone when you take a big tumble! Take care. Amanda x

  10. I am glad you are ok. You must have a got a fright. I hope you replaced the blown light bulb too. Cat xox

  11. Oh dear, at least no one saw so a little less embarrassing but then again you have just told us all so we all know now!
    Hope you Re feeling ok now. Xxx

  12. oh i am sorry to hear this.

    it's usually me stubbing my toe against the bottom stair as i go to climb up them that gets me. i have broken two toes doing that.

  13. So sorry to hear about your gives you such a shock too! Hope the soreness and bruising soon ease..Take care of yourself, and have a nice relaxing week.
    Helen x

  14. Hope you're feeling better by now Carol, so pleased you didn't do more damage. Be careful xx

  15. Ha, didn't feel the earth shake, you should have yelled louder and you might have got carried to the car. Hope you didn't bruise too badly, it's all that dang rain.


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