Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Snippets...

good morning!
i'm just quietly celebrating friday here.
it's queen's birthday weekend
so a long one for us with monday off work for mr w...and some of the boys.
it has been a normal week here...
no new babies
no falling down steps
or other nonsense...
thank goodness.
so i've just put together a few photos to capture
a normal week here...
..snuggling up warmly and comfortably
is popular at night here in front of the tv or computer...
...a bit more knitting has been done
over the past couple of days.
{ a beach ladies beanie actually??}
there's always washing up to do every day...
but the oranges are lovely freshly picked
from an orchard just up the road a bit...juicy!
i love my new black tempered glass 'black board'...
i bought it yesterday from aldi...only $14.99.
i think it's a bargain..
my new toy.
mr m was very efficient putting it up for me...
he did a great job and it only took him 5 mins!
what's going on at your place?
have a great weekend!
naturally Carol xox
ps...some of you think we have baby kai here...unfortunately location wise he is in taiwan and we're in australia.  skype and email are our best friends!


  1. The fabric of those pillows is gorgeous. I love the blackboard; I'd like to have one of those in my kitchen.

  2. Morning :) Actually it's probably afternoon by now. Big weekend for us. Biggest Pink it turning nine!!!!!!!!! Enjoy - hope you get some lovely sunshine up there :)

  3. We fully intend enjoying this long weekend as well!Love your piccies and that blackboard, wow glass and up already. Forgot to mention how much I liked the orange and black beanie btw. Enjoy your weekend Carol.

  4. Love your pillows..look like the flowered ones might be of vintage fabric, very nice!
    I have never heard of tempered glass black board, I will have to check that out.
    Hope you all has a nice long weekend. xo

  5. Lovely to read about your week Carol. We have a trip up to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow for renewal of wedding Vows of a younger friend and her DH and on Sunday we have my BIL's 60th luncheon. Have a great weekend!

  6. Glad you've had an uneventful, cosy week! I'm back at our house in Germany catching up on all the chores - lots of gardening to do and sorting out things to take back to the US with me next week - it's keeping me out of mischief!

  7. will wait with interest to see what a beach ladies beanie looks like!!
    do you get to visit baby Kai soon? or are they coming?

  8. Long weekends are the best...we just had ours last weekend...enjoy every minute of it. xxx

  9. Pretty pillows and beanie color!! Have a fabulous weekend! xo Heather

  10. Lovely crocheted cushion Carol! Did you make it?
    I love your new toy too - I've always loved blackboards :-)
    Happy long weekend!
    Sarah x

  11. I'm trying to learn to knit....alas, I seem to be so fumbly fingered!

  12. You are so quick at knitting! I do like that pink, it's a great colour. I hope you have a relaxing long weekend x

  13. Lovely post, full of little bits of your week...I would love to eat an orange as fresh as that! Xxx


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