Saturday, June 29, 2013

This Week...

good morning!
i'm just taking the time
on this rainy saturday
to think about some lovely things
that i enjoy at the moment...
my daughter arrived home after two and a half years spent in canada...yay!
spending time catching up and sharing coffee with her and my daughter in law...lovely!
hearing and seeing baby kai on skype...marvellous!
enjoying time out from regular events 'cos it's school holidays here...refreshing!
the little things...
sipping a hot mug of green tea this morning

finding a different google illustration when i switched the computer on this morning,
a reminder of the tour de france coming up...
looking forward to a friend's birthday lunch today,
good food and great company with much laughter and silliness...
makes this day special.
i hope today is special for you as well...
happy weekend!
naturally Carol xox


  1. I hope you have a lovely time with all of your friends and family! Happy weekend! xo

  2. Have a lovely time with your daughter!

  3. Sounds pretty perfect really! Jillxx

  4. Hope you enjoy your special weekend Carol!
    cheers Wendy

  5. It's all about the little things. That red spotty mug is great!

  6. So exciting having family back together for you and skype is great for bringing some a bit closer. Have a lovely weekend ans enjoy all those treats you have in store. xx

  7. It truly is all about the little things isn't it!

  8. The best of life is often in the small things isn't it, but your daughter's homecoming, that's a huge thing ... wishing you many happy days ahead Carol x

  9. Life can be so wonderful when we open our eyes and see the small things that means so much to us.

  10. Must be great to see your daughter after all that time, Carol. Have fun!


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