Tuesday, July 2, 2013


good morning!
after thinking about it for a couple of years,
i finally went downstairs
and fetched the huge bucket of lego
from under the house...
collected by five children over about 15 years
it's quite a collection!
as the children became adults,
it's been sitting there since we moved in nine years ago...
still with packaging tape around it to hold it all together
from our move to queensland from canberra.
at first i thought i could just chuck all the pieces in the bath,
fish it out and dry it on a towel...
it's not that easy.
i realised that i should get it ready for the next generation
of little boys...and maybe girls...
we haven't any girls yet
and our little boy is only six weeks old!
i spent several hours
dismantling all the buildings
after realising i couldn't do it under water with wet hands..hehe!
after that
i washed the container
and put them back in there to bathe with some sugar soap overnight...

i found that lego men love to float.
i've been fishing the lego out with a sieve...

rinsing it under the tap...
{'garage' is one of the pieces from mr w's collection... early '60's most likely!}
drying it off with a towel...

separating legomen, monkeys and fabuland animals
and all the tiny tiny pieces
so they won't choke babies
and will be easily found to play with by the older ones.
i'm just doing a bit at a time
so it will probably take another couple of days
before the job is done.
we have all decided to shun sugar
and refined foods here
so have to go out foraging this morning
in our local supermarket
for nuts, seeds and berries!
{and a few other things...}
i hope you enjoy your day too!
naturally Carol xox





  1. That's quite a task, but so lovely that you have kept it all for the next generation. I'm sure that one day little Kai will have lots of fun with all that lovely Lego !
    Happy shopping and have a good week,

  2. Wow carol, that will definently keep you busy for a while!!! lego... one of those toys you love and hate at the same time! all the times i have stood on a bit of lego in the middle of the night!!! ouch!!! but its so great for children and keeps them entertained for hours! I have no doubt your little grandchildren will have hours of fun with your collection!

  3. That's quite a collection! Sadly I sold my children's collection of lego at the garage sale we had before I sold my former home...still, the lady who bought it all was giving it to her grandchildren, so that was good!

  4. A huge job! What a fantastic collection though. Just as well you kept them... Jill xx

  5. Lego is such an amazing toy for kids. never goes out of fashion and provides hours of entertainment.
    Good luck with the sugar free diet, I know i'm a bit of a sugar addict and crave it often. x

  6. That is a lot of washing and drying, but well worth it! Lego is such an amazing invention to keep children happy for hours! Lovely to think your grand babies will be able to enjoy it now too. Good luck with the new eating patterns, and enjoy the shopping.
    Helen x

  7. My parents saved all our Lego and Duplex, through multiple changes of house, and I am so grateful now to see E enjoying it (especially when I see the pricetags on the stuff in the shops!) She is too little for the Lego still but the Duplex is getting a great work out.

  8. What a fun task! I hope you're enjoying your 'play' time! =)

  9. Lego has always been important in our house so we also have big boxes filled with Lego. Our family trip to Legoland in Denmark was a big event when the children were younger. Last week when my niece was here we picked out some of it so she could play with it like I have done and my children too. But I guess that I should do what you did and wash it all some day.

  10. Lego really is fun to play with:) I used to wash the big ones (Duplo) in an old cushion cover in the washing machine, at low temerature and with a short spin. Maybe you could use two covers to be sure no small parts were left in the machine...
    Like Ella and family we have visited Legoland, and we also had a great time there:)

  11. Wow - that's quite a collection Carol! Good thing you kept them all these years, they will certainly be appreciated by your grandchildren. cheers Wendy

  12. That is a fabulous collection...we have a bit too one day I can see myself soaking and preparing it for the next generation. xxx

  13. That's quite a lego collection! Stu's parents kept his lego so our future kids will have them to play with.

    Hope you're well, Carol!

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  14. If you pop all the bricks in a mesh bag they can cope with a cool wash in your washing machine if you have one a front loading drum, just don't accidentally tumble dry them as I once did ... I was persona non grata with my boys for weeks after that!

  15. Lego is too expensive not to keep isn't it? Our kids have the lego my sister and I had as well as some from hubby's brother, amongst their own. Fabuland, wow that brought back childhood memories, the three younger boys next door had that. Hope the washing goes well, just don't step on any.

  16. Wow, what a task! I found it hard enough cleaning a batch of larger Megablocks I bought at a garage sale for my girls, let alone teeny tiny Lego pieces! Lego is such a long-lasted and always much loved toy. My Mum still has mine and my sister's stash from when we were little girls... Grace loves playing with it when she visits :)


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