Friday, July 12, 2013

Jonquil Study & My Sister's Giveaway!

good morning!
i feel like i'm almost a stranger here in my own space
having only briefly popped in
over the last week or so.
wandering through our local shopping centre last week
i was delighted by these jonquils
had to bring a bunch home...
in the winter
our dining room gets the afternoon sun
which is the only time
to successfully take some pics...
the setting sun
was brilliant
cast a golden glow into the room...
late in the day
as mr t and i messed around having fun with the camera
the light grew into night
and evening was upon us!

enjoying these jonquils calmed my battered soul.
it has been a week of emotional stretching...
wonderful to embrace another adultchild into the fold again
but of course change...
even a good one...
brought the household into a state of chaos
physically and mentally.
has been gently reached
peace obtained
although we're all a little weary and fragile.
enough about this though...
my sister jill (the artistic talent of the family!)
is having the most superb giveaway!
a set of these handpainted designer coasters...
the choice of which is yours...
may be yours
just by going to her giveaway post
leaving a comment
on her new design blog..."jill butler design".
'cos I've been late telling you..
there is only about 30 hours left to enter...
the draw is tomorrow...saturday at five pm, nz time...
so don't delay.
i got a set for christmas last year
and love them...
they designs are stunning
they wear really well,
even after many hot cuppas this winter
and all the icy cold ones over summer
they look brand new!
enjoy your weekend
i hope the clouds flee and give us a sunny day!
naturally Carol xox
p.s...kai is seven weeks old tomorrow, maybe i can score some new pics off his mum and dad!!!



  1. Beautiful photos of those jonquils, Carol. My goodness, time has certainly flown since Kai was born! Love those coasters of Jill's and thanks for the 'tip off' about the giveaway! Lol

  2. jonquils are beautiful Carol! love yours! My friend has just had her baby and I cant wait to giv her the beanies! I have been staying away from her since I had shingles! couldn't live withmyself if anything passed on to the baby! soon I hope I will be not infectious so I can finally go and see little Mason; it was a boy so I can giv her both! yay!
    lots of love to you!
    laura xxx

  3. Those flowers are just like indoor sunshine!

    Thank you for letting us know about the giveaway Carol ... what gorgeous coasters!

  4. The flowers are lovely. I didn't think about it before, but I guess your flowers would be the opposite of ours too, like your seasons.

  5. Gorgeous! A little bit of sunshine inside. We have some white ones growing in the garden and the fragrance is just beautiful. Visiting via the Rewind.

  6. Such beautiful flowers and photos!! Would love to see some new pics of sweet Kai!! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  7. Hello old friend! Nice to see you and those beautiful jonquils. Photographing them in all kinds of light reminds me that we don't just need to stop and smell the roses once a day, but all day and at all times of the day!

    I will pop over to the giveaway - those coasters look really lovely and, as a matter of fact, I desperately need some!! x

  8. Those flowers are just beautiful and what a talented photographer you are!

  9. Love your sunny yellow flowers.....such gorgeous photos! Thanks for telling us about your sister's blog and the lovely giveaway! I can hardly believe baby Kai is already seven weeks old!
    Helen x

  10. Ooh Jonquils are very pretty! I like the last picture of them. I didn't know that Jonquils looked like before :-)

    Hope you had a restful weekend and are enjoying the week :-)
    Sarah x

    PS off to check out your sister's blog ox

  11. The second last photo of the sunny jonquils is gorgeous. They do look like happy flowers. I love having fresh flowers on the table. They always catch my eye and make me smile. Hope balance has been attained and you are smiling too. :)

  12. Ah, jaunty jonquils. Nothing better, Carol! Except a 7 week old grandson. Just maybe! I'd love to send him a pressie if you could please email me. J x

  13. Particularly love the last pic of your pretty flowers Carol, but I am a sucker for good old windows. Family dynamics have been changing around here too,coming,going,swapping. Hope you're having a good day.

  14. What beautiful sunny flowers! We have such little light here on these wintery days too... not the best for photo taking! x

  15. These are just beautiful Carol, fresh flowers always make me smile and cheer me up. I hope all is settling down and the change has gone well. x


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