Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Around the Backyard...

i know it's been a while...i apologise.
things have been pretty stressful around here
when i'm in turmoil
my creative energy leaves me completely.
there were a few years
when i didn't get 'round to anything creative at all...
probably serving out the dinner attractively
or brushing my daughters hair into a ponytail smoothly
were the artiest things i did at that time.
well thankfully
those days have passed
i have only needed a few weeks so far...hehe!
i thought i'd take you on a little tour
of the happenings in our backyard today...just for fun.
i haven't seen this variety of pansy before...
we found a metal toolbox to plant them into...
much cheaper than a ceramic or plastic pot.
we couldn't resist buying this stunning hibiscus either.
we have had many days recently
cleaning walls and furnishings
and rearranging the furniture
to fit an extra body in the house.
we thought a pot of lavender
at the front steps
would be just the thing to survive
the intense afternoon heat
of queensland's summer sun.
i haven't bought seedlings for ages
it was a lot of fun shopping for them
with my newly arrived home daughter!
are you thinking of spring yet?...
just a few weeks away now
down here in australia!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Hey Sis! Lovely to see you blogging again! We must be on the same wave length, as I've just bought a few punnets of pansies and have doing some gardening in my back yard. The nights are still cold but we've been having some lovely days, and the days are lengthening...so it's possible to give a little attention to the outdoors. Another month or two until spring over here though. Glad you're feeling less stressed :) Jill xx

  2. Those pansies look really interesting.....love to see them when they flower!x

  3. Welcome back, and I hope the stress abates soon. Love the little tour around your back garden - and as for thinking of Spring..Noooo..because that would signal the arrival of Autumn here and I'm not done with Summer yet!

  4. What a lovely way to relieve stress ..potter in the garden and getting ready for Spring.....how did that happen so quickly...it will be Christmas before we know it. xxxx

  5. Gosh, those pansies are unusual!

    I'm just beginning to think of autumn here :)

  6. I love your tool tray planter! Great idea. Lavender has soothing, calming properties too, so take a deep breath when they come out in bloom! J x

  7. The early mornings still feel like winter, but the days are glorious, sunshine filled times.
    Those pansies look lovely. Cant wit to get the spring and summer vegie seedlings in here. x

  8. Oh no, we have had daughter one and only move back home, much adjusting, a few tearful frustration outbursts, she's finished her course and landed a good job from her placement. Things have finally settled (hopefully) know how you feel. Love the toolbox idea! I've been moving pansy seedlings that came up from last year, hope they don't get eaten. Haven't had much luck with lavender here. Have you ever tried the "Sidonie" type, very pretty. Gorgeous hibiscus.

  9. Those pansies look fascinating, I haven't seen them before. The hibiscus looks so pretty too. It must be so nice looking forward to spring there. Here we are right in the middle of a hot summer....but knowing that autumn is just around the corner.....Wishing you a great weekend, Carol.
    Helen x

  10. I don't have any lavender at the moment. I will have to find a spot I think. Happy gardening. Kate x

  11. I hope things have settled down now it's lovely to see you back here Carol:) And those little pansies look lovely. Enjoy your gardening I have a few punnets here that desperately need planting, must do that this weekend thank you for the reminder. x


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