Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bleeding Hearts and Irises...

good afternoon all!

i was inspired to purchase the fabric,
 for the cushion i'll show you today,
by two blogs that have the most delectable gardens
and in amongst all kinds of
blooms and blossoms,
there were branches of bleeding hearts.

"heaven's walk" and "aiken house and gardens"
are both on my blogroll
if you'd like to pop in and visit.

i've made another rectangular one
as the 'branches' of bleeding hearts
just seemed to want to spread out along the cushion...

dramatic and deeply teal..georgeous fabric

the back..more georgeousness!

just on a whim
i thought i'd try these out together..
i think they look a turquoise treat
jumbled together on the black seat!

they are all waiting to be taken into new homes
at my 'madeit' shop online..
button..top right hand corner for a direct link.

i was going to share something else today
but got out of bed too late to put the wheels in motion..
here's hopin' i can drag this bag  o' bones
out of bed tomorrow for it!

have a lovely evening...

naturally Carol xox

p.s... if i pass on an award, i really don' t mind if you decide not to act upon the offer or whether you would like to take it up..it's your choice...however please take it as a compliment from me , that i find your blog wonderful in some way!

pps..'bleeding hearts' cushion cover available at www.madeit.com/NaturallyCarol


  1. That's amazing fabric, the bleeding hearts remind me of those magic mirror things at the circus..Or even lotus blossoms when I look back on another angle

    Gill xo

  2. just beautiful!i love the colors and the Bleeding hearts i love them i think they are pretty.they look fab sitting together.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! I love it, reminds me of florence broadhurst's designs, that real art nouveau style I LOVE! Jxx

  4. Carol, love these colours, bright happy colours. (Re Melbourne Open House, photos are allowed most people have their cameras with them. So looking forward to it. Will certainly share.) Charmaine

  5. Beautiful, Carol! I love the bleeding heart fabric - it's such an interesting design using that unusual flower shape. Love the colours, and the picture of all the cushions together. Hope you have a happy week.
    Helen x

  6. beautiful Carol. I love this one.

    p.s - I have been stalking you made it shop as well. You are sooooo clever.


  7. Carol, love these colours, bright happy colours...so lovely!
    And loveeeee the advise you given me about relying on Jesus to find my peace...so true!

  8. Really beautiful Carol! Do visit my blog and leave your footprints by posting comments


  9. Gorgeous is right Carol! Beautiful colours that meld together perfectly. Love the button up back style of cushion, alot prettier than a zipper! :o)

  10. The bleeding heart fabric is gorgeous! Really beautiful colors and nice bold print. Love the cushion.

  11. Such beautiful colours...well done again. Waiting to see what your tomorrow brings.

  12. All those fabrics go together so perfectly! Great job and they look so bright and inviting.


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