Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Green Apron...

good afternoon!

today i'm even later than yesterday...
the sun is down on the other side of the hills
and last light is fast approaching!

i have a good reason
for not posting sooner...

i've finished the green apron.

pressed and on the hanger..

a bit of detail..
a flower shaped button on the frilly pocket
the loop.

'fandango'..a great fabric to work with,
beautiful quality
a kind of polished look to it.
{thanks kate spain!}

the back and ties...

a black label & 'if''.

hopefully this will get mailed tomorrow
or friday at the will be a surprise..maybe?
{sometimes she checks out this}

i've got other news too...
last night i made my first sale on 'madeit'.
i was so excited
i got up early this morning to wrap it prettily
and post it off on it's way to melbourne..yay!

i've got more news too..
i won a 'versatile blogger' award
from beth at 'boatshedchic'..
i'll pass that on tomorrow.

i think i might see if i can join in with 'kootoyoo' today..
if blogger will let me play!

'til tomorrow..
oh by the way..did you watch oprah last night..
i did..and i'm looking forward to tonight!

two more shows to go in oz..

naturally Carol xox


  1. Someone is going to be very happy.

    Green with envy.

    What an extrordinary moment when Orah will be no more.


  2. Carol, that's a lovely apron. Congratulations on your first sale too!! I had to give up Oprah when we left Canada - it isn't aired here, not even with subtitles. And I'm not sure they've ever heard of her either (I must ask one of my classes!)!

  3. What a great is almost to pretty to be used....I am sure the recipient will be suitable impressed.

  4. Beautiful! I love the frills so much! This is my gazzillionth try to leave a comment...blogger has been stopping me too! Hope you have a great day.
    Helen x

  5. So beautiful. So much detail in it.Great job!

  6. Soooo pretty Carol!! I love everything about it! And congrats on your first sale! Feels good doesn't it!!

  7. That apron is fantastic! I love those colours! X

  8. Almost as pretty as the one you made me ;]

  9. Cute apron! What an adorable idea for the flower button on the frilly pocket!! You're so creative. =)

  10. Congrats on your first sale! Let's hope a lot more will follow. I love your apron; you have really a good eye for detail.

  11. Cute! Love the print. Congrats on you first sale!

  12. I love the ruffle on the pocket. Adorable touch.
    Congrats on your first sale, too!

  13. Oh that's so purdy, Carol.

    And congrats on the award and, even more, on the sale! Terrific! x


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