Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Pearls...

happy mother's day!

i am joining with 'maxabella' today
because i am grateful for a boy
who grew into a man
and kept a promise.

the story of the pearl necklace...

on wednesday
my mr t could not contain himself
and put this away until today.
so on wednesday he gave me my mother's day present...
this pearl necklace.

however the story started a long time ago,
when he was six or thereabouts.

i was driving home from shopping with him
he sat beside me in the front of the car.
we were having a conversation and it went something like this...

'mum, if you could have anything what would you choose?'

' i don't really know, i don't need anything.'

'if i was a millionnaire what would you like?'

'oh, i don't know, what about a pearl necklace?'

'when i grow up i'm going to buy you a pearl necklace.'

'that would be very nice mr t.'

years went by and occasionally he reminded me
that one day he would buy me a pearl necklace..
and we'd have a bit of a laugh about it
remembering that conversation.

every time he looked for a present for me
he would want to buy that necklace
wasn't able to.

this week he bought me a pearl necklace
for mother's day.

he was so excited that he could keep his word to me...

i am touched by his love and integrity...
which is far more valuable to me
than a pearl necklace
whatever it's worth!

whereever you are
whatever you are doing to celebrate your mother
remember that what is in your heart...
is to her
the most valuable
present you can bring!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Bought a tear to my eye - just lovely!

  2. That is just beautiful Carol. Happy Mother's Day to you. xxx

  3. I agree his love and integrity. Truly amazing a promise he made when he was six. Such a darling. Charmaine

  4. That is so beautiful! Obviously, you have been a wonderful mother for him to follow through on his promise. All the best to you sweet lady! x

  5. How sweet! It made me cry a bit. Happy mother's day! Kellie xx

  6. Such a touching story Carol.
    Pam x

  7. What a Lovely Story Carol & Your New Pearls are Gorgeous...Mr.T did Well!

  8. Beautiful story and a beautiful necklace too - I'm sure you'll treasure that necklace all the more because of what it represents. Happy Mothers Day!

  9. Oh Carol. Your son is a beautiful man, grown from a sweet little boy. Happy mumma's day to you. x

  10. Carol - you've got me in tears here! He is a tribute to you. I think a large part of that goodness within him has been put there by the way you raised him. Wonderful story.

  11. That is such a lovely story, Hapy Mother's Day to you.

  12. With a tear in my eye over such a lovely story, I am imagining how proud you must be to have raised such a wonderful young man! X

  13. Carol, that is just soooo sweet!!!! You must have nearly passed out when you recieved it after all these years!!!! I expect he can be well asssured of being in the good books for a long time now!!!!
    thankyou for shairng!!!
    laura xx

  14. Dear Carol, that was a lovely and touching story! You have so wonderful and loving son!
    Happy Mother's Day! xxx Teje
    Ps. Thank you for your sweet comment!

  15. Oh so lovely!
    Have a Happy Mothers Day, dear Carol!

  16. Oh, Carol, what a beautiful story! Your son is a sweetheart, and the necklace is lovely!


  17. Such a sweet story and what a lovely son you have! The pearls are so beautiful, and the story behind them is even more so. Happy Mother's Day!
    Helen x

  18. Carol, what a lovely young man you have. So thoughtful - one in a million! Happy Mother's Day x

  19. What a fab story....and so beautiful to go with the pearls. Happy Mothers Day.

  20. That is such a sweet story. I hope you had a great Mother's day! And by the way, I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award here

  21. Oh Carol...what a sweet moment between you and mr t. I just love that he was so excited about giving you that AMAZING necklace. I'd say you received two very lovely gifts! Take care and have a wonderful day.


  22. Oh, Carol, what a beautiful story. I'm sure he was so excited to give it to you.

  23. That is so lovely - I almost cried reading it! What a wonderful son you have. Obviously a testament to how well you have raised him :)

  24. oh wow - that is so special.

  25. What a sweet and wonderful present! What a blessing to have such a lovely boy (man). =)

  26. Oh Carol, this is such a touching story. I love that all that time, your son remembered that conversation. And now you have the pearls. But more importantly, a son who loves you to bits.

    Now that is one happy mother's day!


  27. Your story made me want to cry. God bless you, Mr T.


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