Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lavender & Not a Bit of Lace!

hi to you!
on this sunny tuesday afternoon...

last week i visited
'bayside rose' in her 'madeit' shop..
{she has a link on her site}
this is what i bought...

pam made this
from a beautifully embroidered piece of vintage doily.
it is exquisite...

but that's not the best part..believe it or not!

stuffed inside the neck of the little bag
was a sweet smelling tuffet of lavender
further down inside
is the 'piece de resistance'...

handmade lavender soap

all wrapped up in paper and string!

just georgeous...thank you pam ~ it's all packaged beautifully
and such good value..for a gift or to treat yourself.
{this one's for me..i just love good soap..
especially if they're made with natural ingredients.}

all that lavender reminded me of my button tin.

i don't know where i got it but i've had it a long, long time
it just fits with my lavender theme here today!

i keep using my buttons up..
since i've begun to sew again in the past year!

have you begun to collect little gifts for christmas yet?
i went into a stationery shop the other day
and found a couple of great things
that are now stashed away in my wardrobe..
so the hunt has officially begun here.

some things get left to the last minute
but preferably,
i like to be a bit organised
that gives me more time to see things
that each person on my list would really like.

i hope you're having a sweet smelling day
like i am this tuesday!

naturally Carol xox


  1. OH the package looks so sweet and i'm sure smells so too.

    I think I should folow your lead and start storing some special things for those special people too.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    jill xo

  2. You're so organised for Christmas! I love your button collection.
    Beth x

  3. Oh Carol, you are so sweet. I am pleased that you like your soap.

    Collecting gifts for Christmas? Always sounds like a fantasic idea to me but never happens. Food for thought though!

    Pam x

  4. I love lavender - just been making some lavender bags as a gift for a friend and my sewing space smells gorgeous! I'm not even thinking about Christmas yet ... but I guess I should :-(

  5. Those little gifts are just divine ...aren't there clever people out there?

  6. Carol, it is so good to hear that you gave yourself a little treat! You deserve it! I adore Pam's handmade bag and her soap is GORGEOUS! I have some of her gardeners soap and I LOVE it, she is so clever. I am loving that tin of buttons too! X

  7. I love lavender bags and that one is so beautiful!! I'm with Fiona, might make some of these as xmas presents - but not *yet* - will at least wait until July :-)

  8. That little vintage doily bag is divine! I bet the soap smells amazing. I can't believe you're Christmas shopping already... I don't even want to think about it!


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