Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aqua Leaves!

good morning..

i'm still into making rectangular cushions
so just thought i'd give you a look at this one..
it is the first of a few on the same theme.

it is like leaves in a swimming pool!

i love this fabric!

i just get lost in the blue
and the rounded shape of the leaves...

they almost look like fish!

the buttons look like sea glass...

i couldn't resist a selvedge detail either..

discreetly sewn in with the seam on the back!

i'm off to do a wee bit of grocery shopping..
no matter how much i buy there always seems to be something more to get.
so i'll sneak in a cappucino when i'm out...

then this afternoon i do my teeny tiny paid job
and hopefully can get some sewing time in.

have a blue sky day


a swim if it's warm enough...soak in all those lovely aquas,

hoping there aren't too many leaves in your swimming pool!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Ooh! Pretty aqua colors. Love it!

  2. aqua! my fave! Beautiful pillow Carol! I feel the same about grocery shopping...there is always something we still need. Enjoy that cappucino!

  3. they are a lot like fish, aren't they? a school of fish swimming in the sea. very cute

    Gill xo

  4. The fabric really does look like leaves floating in a pool. Aqua is one of those colors that is relaxing and energetic all at the same time. How does it do that?

  5. Love it Carol. The colour is gorgeous.

    Pam x

  6. The colour is divine, Carol. I'm so used to looking at leaves in my actual swimming pool that this just blends right into my conscious! Very pretty. x

  7. Such beautiful colours...your shop is brimming with beautiful cushions.

  8. Beautiful colour! Very calming, but happy. Love it!

  9. Hi Carol! I've just looked at all the posts I had missed, and I'm blown away. So many cushions you've made, and they are all so nice and different. You really deserve that cappucino!!

  10. I don't have a swimming pool - but I sure do have a lotta leaves!! We're swimming in the down south :) Another triumph of cushionary :) Cazxx

  11. Carol,

    You make me smile! I love the way you describe things. I really like this cushion! the fabric is, well, as one of my friends would say "isn't that fabric YUMMY!" Great color. Another great job. Hope you enjoyed your day and your evening is just as wonderful. Take care


  12. You are so right! They do look like fishes. I love this one! :)

    Love from Malena

  13. The color and print are both lovely! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  14. I love rectangular cushions carol, and yours is really pretty!!! I would love to be going for a swim, but a little too cold now. I am having a blue sky day however, better than the grey one of yesterday!
    Laura xx

  15. I love that shade of blue... beautiful! And the leaves truly do look like fish :)


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