Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cushion Roundup!

good afternoon this sunday!

just thought i'd do a cushion roundup
so you know what i've been working on in the last little while!

the giveaway..
leave a comment on my post last friday...the 29th april
and you'll be eligible to win one of these...

they are 35cm square.

i call them my 'garden eclipse' cushions,
'cos it looks like the middle of the garden is in darkness while the moon is in front of the sun!

these are some others i've made in the last few weeks...

two 'deer valley' cushions..i only finished the stripey one today!

'london'..for the wedding
that was made on the morning of the royal wedding!

i love the red trees on a crisp white background,
but the day i took it's photo it was so dull
i had to almost push it out the window to get enough light!! lol

'japanese lady'
this has matching peonies on the back.

there are three more of these..
but i thought i'd better stop there
before the photo loader kicked me out!

i made them from a 'punctuation jane' jelly roll
they are large cushions
and lovely and soft and squishy!

i love this fabric with it's retro school vibe..
from the fifties just like me
and were a lot of fun to make.

i'm having a quiet sunday afternoon...
don't you just love that peaceful sunday atmosphere?
{unless you have to work of course.}

if you have any bananas
think of me as you make banana bread..
remember that special from yesterday?
well, put it this way
kara the dog loved the first piece!
{and she'll probably get to eat the rest of}
i'm heading off to a cafe sometime this week
to get a real piece...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hello Carol! I'm having my morning coffee here in Greece and it's so nice to have your company! So many lovely pillows, I love that Japanese lady, and the London pillow, and...and...
    Have a wonderful time!
    xxx Teje

  2. You have been busy! I have eyed off that banana bread before - looks yummy! Great bargain!

  3. love those red trees - just stunning!!

  4. What a great load of cushions have been busy! Shame about the banana bread though.

  5. *Love* them Carol, love your London and the red trees on crsip white. I am a fan also for vintage and retro:)

    Enjoy your lovely Sunday & tks for popping by
    Keryn xx

  6. Oh no! How disappointing about the banana bread. I still haven't made mine either..

    You have certainly been busy with the cushions! That red tree fabric is so lovely!

  7. Lovely collection of cushions! Not so good about the banana bread though!! Hope you find yourself a properly yummy piece today! Have a great week.
    Helen x

  8. Crikey, you've been a busy bee!

  9. Oh, I love ALL of it! Such a creative spirit, you are.

  10. I love the Punctuation Jane cushions, Carol, especially the black/gray/yellow. Beautiful!


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