Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grateful for...

good afternoon,

i'm grateful that i found banana bread on special this morning!...

"why?" you may ask.

well lately every time i go out somewhere for coffee
i am so tempted by their banana bread..
it costs anywhere from $3.50 to $3.95 (at macca's!!)
for a slice of banana bread, with butter on the side.

so now i have enough banana bread for five whole days..a week really,
at less than 50 cents a piece..yay!
{or maybe some to share?..or not!}

so i will have a piece of banana bread with my own espresso coffee..
that mr w brought me from the capricorn coast last week.

i will watch the world go by...
relaxing & flicking through a mag
and not go anywhere! haha!

in case you missed the 'grateful' hints,
i'm joining in with 'maxabella' today.

i'm also grateful for...
royal weddings
where they've set up hundreds of cameras
so i can be a 'fly on the wall'
with the rest of the world!

i loved everything about it...
even some of the silly hats.
i don't think i could keep a straight face while
having a hat stuck to the side of my face like a paper plate in a windstorm...
or some weird curly twigs
sticking up like antennae!!

it was all part of the fun
catherine and william were perfect.

enjoy your weekend...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Mmmm banana bread delish! I enhoyed the royal wedding also :]

  2. Sorry if this is a repeat - got stuck in the wordy verification. Keep it short this time - enjoy your banana bread :)

  3. Oh - those hats! It was fabulously silly wasn't it - I couldn't help wondering why some of those ladies consented to wear some of those creations on their heads. One of the silliest had to be the Philip Treacy hat worn by Princess Beatrice - she looked like a Teletubby (but if she hadn't worn the hat she would have been quite elegant). But the wedding as a whole was just great - pomp and circumstance at its best.

  4. I loved the wedding too (surprisingly, I didn't think I would be as into it as I was). It felt like the whole world was invited along for a fantastic party.

    Enjoy your banana bread, Carol. I love the stuff. I'm surprised you don't get stuck in and make your own? I think there's my fave recipe buried somewhere on my blog... it's easy-peasy (the only way I do it) and your local greengrocer will sell you those really, really overripe bananas that you need for a song. Even lately!! x

  5. I usually make banana bread, but at the moment with the price of bananas - no way. You got yourself a bargain there my friend. Enjoy.
    Pam x

  6. ooh... I love a food bargain or markdown as much as a fabric discount (and banana bread... with far too much butter)... Good luck making it last the five days - It wouldn't stand a chance at more than a couple hours with at my place!

  7. Yum, lucky you finding it on special! I've had some bananas in the fridge for a few days now waiting for me to find the energy to make some banana bread. Soon...

  8. Oh I love banana bread...the price has been so bad we haven't even eaten any bananas lately.

    I loved watching the wedding too.....I did miss all the pre stuff but looking around the hats seem to have captured the eyes of all.

  9. mmmmm banana bread - a staple in our house! yummo! (I like to add dark choc chips too...mmmmm)
    Wasn't the wedding a bit of good old fashioend fun? Awwww, and she was very pretty :-)
    have a great weekend Carol

  10. I love banana bread. Enjoy it! Loved the royal wedding, too. Your comments on the hats cracks me up... I can never understand who thinks those hats are fashionable. They look so silly.

  11. What a lucky find! Banana bread + the thrill of a bargain = happiness! Bon appetite!

  12. Hmmm... I love banana bread too! Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  13. Thankyou so much for visiting me and leaving lovely comments. Glad you enjoyed the wedding, so did I, it was really wonderful. Enjoy your banana bread. I have some bananas that need to be made into banana bread, perhaps I'll have some too. Have a lovely weekend, Linda x

  14. me a piece ;)

    I got up nice and early to watch the wedding. Loved it...silly hats and all.

    Hope your having a lovely week end! Take care


  15. Good idea. It does get out of control the cost of a slice of cake.

  16. I love banana cakes and banana breads. Envious that your Macca's sell them. We don't have it here.


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