Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Sewing Mojo Has Returned!


after a few months of thinking

that if i never sewed again it would be too soon...

{i know that is unimaginable for some of you..hehe!}

i finally cleaned up and reorganised my sewing corner


after gazing at  my cupboarded stash of fabrics

i started to dream of making jazzy pillowcases


made several for myself and family and friends....just 'cos i could.

next week two of my friends are having birthdays.


all summer i have been giving various friends

my cushions...some left over from my madeit shop

and others i just had sitting aside.

i always pray about which ones to give to which person


am always delighted when they say that how did i know

that the one i picked out for them was perfect...

the Lord is my secret weapon..hehe!

this time i felt that none of my premade covers would be right

so making a union jack cushion cover came to mind.

i found a picture of one in a magazine
and then got to work.

i think i will include that little red, white and blue heart in the present too...

i made it a few months ago...before christmas last year...


i have another navy floral cover that i made to go with this one too...
it has white and green in its colouring as well...

i think they will suit her blue sofa least i hope she thinks so!


cheers for now...

please forgive me if i haven't left a comment on your lovely blog this month

as a day and a half per month isn't half long enough to pop in

and say 'hello' to all of you gorgeous peeps!

naturally Carol xox