Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Sewing Mojo Has Returned!


after a few months of thinking

that if i never sewed again it would be too soon...

{i know that is unimaginable for some of you..hehe!}

i finally cleaned up and reorganised my sewing corner


after gazing at  my cupboarded stash of fabrics

i started to dream of making jazzy pillowcases


made several for myself and family and friends....just 'cos i could.

next week two of my friends are having birthdays.


all summer i have been giving various friends

my cushions...some left over from my madeit shop

and others i just had sitting aside.

i always pray about which ones to give to which person


am always delighted when they say that how did i know

that the one i picked out for them was perfect...

the Lord is my secret weapon..hehe!

this time i felt that none of my premade covers would be right

so making a union jack cushion cover came to mind.

i found a picture of one in a magazine
and then got to work.

i think i will include that little red, white and blue heart in the present too...

i made it a few months ago...before christmas last year...


i have another navy floral cover that i made to go with this one too...
it has white and green in its colouring as well...

i think they will suit her blue sofa least i hope she thinks so!


cheers for now...

please forgive me if i haven't left a comment on your lovely blog this month

as a day and a half per month isn't half long enough to pop in

and say 'hello' to all of you gorgeous peeps!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hey Carol! Thanks so much for the pretty pillowcase!Gorgeous! Mum loved hers as well...matches her pale bedroom walls. I am sitting at Dads laptop having a coffee with Mum right now. Love from us all...Jillxxx

  2. Hi Carol, it's so lovely to read your post; I've missed you! Love the cushion; it's very striking. I made my first pillowcase using the 'tube' method for FNSI...and I'm hooked! Like you I'll be making pillowcases for lots of people :-)

  3. Happy you are back dear Carol!
    You manage to inspire when nothing else does!
    Love the Union Jack and Cherry twist!
    Lucky are those who have a little piece of your creativity and fun.
    My sweet cushions greet our visitors beautifully.
    The gift that keeps giving.
    xo Sue
    Have a wonderful weekend, mine has just started.

  4. So nice to see you pop up in my reader....glad you are back to your beautiful sewing ..thanks for giving us a peek. xx

  5. Great to see you have made something so lovely! Good on you! X

  6. Hi Carol, I love, love, love this cushion,so perfect for the Diamond Jubilee and upcoming Olympics. It is Victoria Day weekend in Canada and Charles and Camilla will be at the fireworks display. I have been looking for fabric with cherries, I love yours!

  7. That is a stunning cushion Carol. So bright and funky. Your friend will absolutely love it! xo

  8. Good mojo Carol! Life's a bowl of cherries
    xo Cathy

  9. Welcome back, Carol! We missed you. Like your lovely comments, I feel happier for seeing your latest creation...and for hearing of your return to sewing. Look forward to seeing more xo

  10. Love it Carol, what fun!
    Great to have your back, I can't get used to this new blogger set up, am finding it hard to keep track of everyone but thankfully I know now that you're back with us! x

  11. So wonderful to hear from you again, Carol - I have missed you! Loving your creations, you crafty minx. I wish I could zip you down here on my magic carpet so you could show me how to sew ☺. J x

  12. So glad you've found your mojo,I've missed you..xx

  13. Hi Carol, glad to have you back, that cushion looks lovely, my sewing machine has been broken for about 6 months & I'm really missing sewing, absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess!

  14. Good to see you are sewing again. And a Union Jack with cherries is just perfect!

  15. Yay for sewing again... it can be hard sometimes to find the motivation - even when it's something you love doing. My sewing room has for too long looked like a fabric bomb was detonated in there and it totally sapped any creativity and inspiration out of me the moment I walked in the door!
    You cushions are gorgeous as always and I love how unique you make them! May you stay inspired, creative, motivated and sewing!

  16. Hello dear friend!
    Glad you are back! Love your sewing.


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!