Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Like Diamonds!

hi there...
being able to sneak in another post 
is a bonus this morning!

mr t's fan belt lies somewhere on a road 
five minutes from here,
so he has borrowed my car to take his assignment 
down to uni
i get to use his laptop for a few hours...
great exchange.

{expensive though, i'd only just put some fuel in his car and then have had to put more in mine. hehe..that's just the way life works sometimes isn't it?}

on monday morning after the rain on sunday
i took these pics...

when the poincettias 
looked like 
they had been sprinkled with diamond dust.

don't you just 


the sparkles in...

your garden
your street 
and your whole world
on a sunny morning after rain?

last week 
an old friend
needed a bit of a lift,
so to cheer her up
i made this for her...

i chose all my best floral fabric scraps
to make it as pretty as i could..
and she liked it 
and it did cheer her up.

what more could i want!

have a beautifully
kind of day...

naturally Carol xox



  1. I love the sparkles too Carol and I am loving your cushion. x

  2. Love the new pillow! Your friend is very lucky to have you ;)

  3. Glad to see you are still cheering souls with your beautiful cushions xxx

  4. Beautiful work!!
    Are those diamonds pointsettias? We only see them potted at Christmas time in these parts!

  5. Oh yes indeed Carol, I do love the droplet diamonds around the place after the rain... so refreshing and pretty. Gorgeous photos. And the cushion is stunning, lucky friend to be receiving that beauty. Lovely to see a post from you Carol xo

  6. I think you should do further deals with Mr T, so you can do a bit more blogging. Tell him his aunty Jill says he needs to lend his laptop to you once a week! I'm sure you can do a deal...? Love the cottagy and gorgeous.

  7. Hey Carol,
    Thank you for posting on my blog - I was just having a little blogging holiday. I love your new look blog.
    Beth x


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