Monday, June 11, 2012

A Wedding in Taipei...

on the last day of 2011
my eldest son married a beautiful girl from taiwan...
here are some pics from the day.

our table...
at the first reception, before the meal.

my place...groom's mother!

gifts were given to the guests...
a large fluffy blanket with the groom and brides names printed on it
and a box of moon cakes to celebrate new year.

the bridegroom, bride and her bridesmaids arrive at the hyatt,
mr p, the best man is alongside the car.

later that year's eve..
we all watched the fireworks display on the taipei 101 building!

it was a beautiful day.

i know this is just a peep at what happened
but i didn't want to publish people's faces on the internet.

on new year's day
the second reception for more people
was held at the bride's family home...
i'll show some pics from there next time.

sorry they have been so long coming
with all our delays.

i hope you all have a great week...and i hope the sun is shining in your corner!

naturally Carol xox


  1. The table settings are beautiful Carol. The bride's dress looks magnificent in the photo!

  2. Her dress looks amaaaaazing!

    Hello you!


  3. What a very special occasion and how great that they celebrated over Two years..... xxxx

  4. I'm with Maxabella, her dress does look amazing! So glad you had a great time, what a celebration!

  5. It looks like a beautiful celebration Carol. Gorgeous gown too. Weddings are such a special occasion, for everyone involved. Thanks for sharing xo

  6. Groom's mother .. how cool are you?

  7. How lovely! Congrats! Happy weekend! X


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