Saturday, June 29, 2013

This Week...

good morning!
i'm just taking the time
on this rainy saturday
to think about some lovely things
that i enjoy at the moment...
my daughter arrived home after two and a half years spent in canada...yay!
spending time catching up and sharing coffee with her and my daughter in law...lovely!
hearing and seeing baby kai on skype...marvellous!
enjoying time out from regular events 'cos it's school holidays here...refreshing!
the little things...
sipping a hot mug of green tea this morning

finding a different google illustration when i switched the computer on this morning,
a reminder of the tour de france coming up...
looking forward to a friend's birthday lunch today,
good food and great company with much laughter and silliness...
makes this day special.
i hope today is special for you as well...
happy weekend!
naturally Carol xox

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dragging My Feet...

hi there!
i have noticed everybody getting their act together
regarding the big changeover from google reader
to other circles and links
but i'm dragging my feet.
it's not that i don't love you
and don't want to belong
i have issues.
i have a problem
handing over more of my personal information...
working status,
even my name
to another set of people who i don't know.
i don't do facebook or twitter
for the same reason...
and then there's the information or photos
i may post there...
what could they be used for or by in the future.
i am cautious...perhaps overly...
but i'm not committing 'til i see how this all plays out.
so if you see someone
behind the crowd...
just observing my friends racing ahead...
it's probably me.
....and by the way
i'm knitting a little jumper for kai,
'cos in another couple of months
the weather will be a bit cooler
and he just may need it.
the back's done...the front is on it's way...
waving to you from here
behind the crowd...
naturally Carol xox

Saturday, June 15, 2013

All Kinds of Wonderful!

good morning!
this morning is all kinds of wonderful...
the sun is shining,
the bed linen is changed,
the washing is drying on the clothes line,
the dishes are done,
the ensuite is clean,
the dinner is cooking in the slow cooker...
kai is four weeks old today...
his dad has just informed me
that he's having his belly button checked this morning...
my ladies beach beanie is finished...
{it's called that 'cos i think it would make the perfect beanie
for walking along a beach on a cool windy day!}

i like the way it's looking
with its contrasting tiny stripes.
isn't it amazing how a little bit of sunshine...
and feeling heaps better after beating the lurgy...
can energise a person!
how's the weekend looking from your end?
naturally Carol xox

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pretty Poinsettias...

good evening!
in between showers
these poinsettias have been growing and blooming
forming an arch
over our front path...
these flowers...
really leaf bracts actually...
are magnificent in the middle of winter.
i  love the way that here in our sub tropical climate,
flowers bloom
and trees are still clothed in bright green
even in our coldest months.
they cheer me up no end
on some of these cloudy dull days!
i've been recovering from a head cold
over the last couple of days...
the weekend was mainly spent sleeping through it
...a waste of a long weekend really...ah well.
made up for it...
morning tea and bible study
with friends
warmed my heart and fed my soul...
{....thanks for asking..
yes, i did make these covers, sewn and crocheted...
last year sometime.}
i hope there is plenty to cheer you up
this week!
naturally Carol xox

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Three Weeks Old...

little kai was three weeks old...


or asleep...
his grandma
thinks he's the cutest baby alive...
though i'm sure
your baby is cute too...hehe!
i hope your week
is wonderful!
naturally Carol xox

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Snippets...

good morning!
i'm just quietly celebrating friday here.
it's queen's birthday weekend
so a long one for us with monday off work for mr w...and some of the boys.
it has been a normal week here...
no new babies
no falling down steps
or other nonsense...
thank goodness.
so i've just put together a few photos to capture
a normal week here...
..snuggling up warmly and comfortably
is popular at night here in front of the tv or computer...
...a bit more knitting has been done
over the past couple of days.
{ a beach ladies beanie actually??}
there's always washing up to do every day...
but the oranges are lovely freshly picked
from an orchard just up the road a bit...juicy!
i love my new black tempered glass 'black board'...
i bought it yesterday from aldi...only $14.99.
i think it's a bargain..
my new toy.
mr m was very efficient putting it up for me...
he did a great job and it only took him 5 mins!
what's going on at your place?
have a great weekend!
naturally Carol xox
ps...some of you think we have baby kai here...unfortunately location wise he is in taiwan and we're in australia.  skype and email are our best friends!