Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dragging My Feet...

hi there!
i have noticed everybody getting their act together
regarding the big changeover from google reader
to other circles and links
but i'm dragging my feet.
it's not that i don't love you
and don't want to belong
i have issues.
i have a problem
handing over more of my personal information...
working status,
even my name
to another set of people who i don't know.
i don't do facebook or twitter
for the same reason...
and then there's the information or photos
i may post there...
what could they be used for or by in the future.
i am cautious...perhaps overly...
but i'm not committing 'til i see how this all plays out.
so if you see someone
behind the crowd...
just observing my friends racing ahead...
it's probably me.
....and by the way
i'm knitting a little jumper for kai,
'cos in another couple of months
the weather will be a bit cooler
and he just may need it.
the back's done...the front is on it's way...
waving to you from here
behind the crowd...
naturally Carol xox


  1. What are they doing to us now? I haven't caught up yet. Grrrrr more changes.

  2. they are scrapping google reader...nobody seems exactly sure how that will affect us really.

  3. I just use my blogger dashboard. I assume that will stay the same? You are on my sidebar so I won't miss your posts.
    The colours of the jumpervarevjust great! X

  4. I use my blogger dashboard too, but I have signed up to Bloglovin' as a backup. I didn't want to risk loosing all the lovely blogs I follow! And I can see how many people are following me on there now too. :)

  5. Hello Carol, hope you are well? I had to join in your post I have had the same thoughts to about the change with Google Reader. I have read some of my friends are choosing Bloglovin but you would have to register etc; and add email etc; I don't want to join something else really. I was just hoping it is enough to have my email subscribe box and so on.
    Oh well, I like your little jumper you are making they are good when its this small, as it knits quick.
    best wishes

  6. You are absolutely right to just go with what feels right for you :-)
    Such a sweet little jersey, Kai is going to be THE best-dressed babe!

  7. I hear you Carol! I am on facebook and the privacy thing kind of freaks me out a little. I find myself rarely going there these days...I don't think I am up to date with the google reader thingy. I just use my dash board too, doing what I have always done.

    Love the little jumper :)

    Have a lovely day!


  8. you wont be on your own carol. i tend to be very cautious about these things too.

  9. What a beautiful jumper! I love the pattern and the colours. I've not yet made any switch regarding Google Reader or anything yet either :)

  10. Hi Carol - I'm with you too. I'll just wait and see how it all pans out.
    You are such a wizz with your knitting these days! He will look super cute in this jumper. cheers Wendy

  11. Love that knitting, such a nice mix of colours! I'm like you too regarding all the current google stuff and will wait and see......Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  12. You are such a clever knitter!
    I've just joined the bloglovin' bandwagon, and all my blogs from my reader were moved over automatically, and I think I registered with my google account, so not too much an invasion of privacy really.
    I'm not super savvy when it comes to all that either. xo

  13. Love the knitting...colours wonderfully boyish. Love the background fabric too! My head is in the sand as usual about the changes to google reader :) Jillxx

  14. It is good to be cautious...something we need to be vigilant about teaching our children in this world of today....It would be lovely to hear you say you are going to get the chance to hand deliver such a beautiful knit??? xxxx

  15. Carol you should be fine just using the reader on your Blogger dashboard, that's going nowhere for now. Or start yourself a private blog and put a blog roll there.

  16. I use my dashboard too and it seems to be business as usual today with the reader gone, everyone still there, no one lost thank goodness. Those colours are wonderful Carol, grey and teal = my favourites and the pattern looks very much like The Pebble? Mel x


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