Saturday, June 15, 2013

All Kinds of Wonderful!

good morning!
this morning is all kinds of wonderful...
the sun is shining,
the bed linen is changed,
the washing is drying on the clothes line,
the dishes are done,
the ensuite is clean,
the dinner is cooking in the slow cooker...
kai is four weeks old today...
his dad has just informed me
that he's having his belly button checked this morning...
my ladies beach beanie is finished...
{it's called that 'cos i think it would make the perfect beanie
for walking along a beach on a cool windy day!}

i like the way it's looking
with its contrasting tiny stripes.
isn't it amazing how a little bit of sunshine...
and feeling heaps better after beating the lurgy...
can energise a person!
how's the weekend looking from your end?
naturally Carol xox


  1. That precious baby..what a little doll!

    Your beach hat turned out so nice..I have always needed a hat on the Oregon Coast in the wind.

    We are just staying around the house this weekend as there is plenty to do in the yard and garden..It will be nice.

    Have a happy weekend. xo

  2. Just LOVE that pic of little Kai with his fists clenched - sooo cute! Good to hear you've beaten the lurgy there, it's on its way out here too. An indoors weekend planned here - top temp is forecast at 13C with heavy rain... So much for it being summer :-(

  3. Oh what a beautiful little boy, he's perfect Carol. Gorgeous little beanie too. Sounds like all is lovely in your world, I'm glad to hear it xo

  4. So glad everything is going your way today! Xxx

  5. Wow i can just see how big and bouncy your steps are this weekend....hope it continues to be a great one for you. xxx

  6. Kai is looking super cute!!
    Love the little stripes on the beanie too
    Hope its s a great week Carol

  7. They change so much in that first few weeks don't they. He's absolutely gorgeous. And yes, your beanie does have the beachy, stripy look about it. Have a greta week! Mel x

  8. He's delightfully precious!!!! What a sweetie. =)

  9. Oh look at him Carol! Congratulations, how wonderful! I've been a terrible blogger and have missed this little treasures arrival. You must be so thrilled, and I love the little jumper you're knitting him..x

  10. He's so precious! I adore your beanie! x


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