Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's in the Bag!

good morning!
i've discovered "picmonkey"....
i've had some fun this week...
the vespas go to christina today,
the girls and boys with trailing scarves will go to a birthday girl on sunday
little yellow is in the making
bicycles will be a christmas prezzy for a little girl
in north queensland.
i just got these pics taken
before both cameras ran out of charge!
i can see i'm going to have lotsa fun with picmonkey...
i hope lotsa fun's on the way for you this weekend.
have a good one!
naturally Carol xox

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Celebrating Ordinary

hi there!
today i want to celebrate the ordinary
the everyday
the mundane.
i have decided i really like ordinary days,
having time to wash the dishes without distraction
time to think
while my hands do something they already know how to do.
i like days when there is no momentous news,
no event to plan and organise,
nothing urgent
off the radar bursting to be noticed or attended to.
time to make a first thing in the morning orange juice from scratch.
time to recharge my batteries.
time to notice nature.
time to be grateful.

time to finish what i've started.
time to play with some fabrics...
picking out just the right shade of yellow.
time to fiddle & potter & pick.
pictures of ordinariness in my household today...
wishing you time for much ordinariness too!
naturally Carol xox


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Making Mountains out of Molehills...

good afternoon!

i made this cushion earlier this year...
during the period my computer wasn't working
and just never posted it here.

i do have a soft spot for selvedges and scraps.
have you ever had something small
escalate before your very eyes into something it was never meant to be?
this happened to me
when i innocently ordered an omelette with sides of mushrooms and a grilled tomato
at lunch time today.
the waitress brought the omelette...perfect...but no sides.
so the omelette went back to gather it's mushies and tomato...fine i thought.
but no...
a while went past
& i realised, oh no!
the chef is making another omelette as well.
another omelette comes out.
plain, this time... with mushrooms on the side.
oh well, i thought, i'll just eat this and shut up...
but a friend jumps up and talks to the chef.
thank you, i said, appreciating the help but feeling a little bit embarrassed...
'cos..well, getting it wrong twice?
i went over to the counter, menu in hand.
i the girl who took the order.
'fine' she said, ' i'm sure the chef has understood'.
'that's good' i said back.
looks like no one understood.
ten minutes later...
i get a styrofoam container.
in it was
the plain omelette
on top of
the original omelette
the mushrooms!
i think if i had uttered a whisper
the chef himself
would have thrown eggs at me..haha!
i ate the warmer omelette, paid and came home.
i had to chuckle though...i'm not offended at the chef or the waitress...
'cos it was just a giant lesson in miscommunication
i'm still not sure whose!
next time
i'm not ordering the omelette!
naturally Carol xox

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday in Taipei!

good evening!
i've been sitting here a couple of hours now
just as well i can touch type
'cos it's been getting steadily darker
as i've sorted through some more of our taiwanese holiday snaps.
the dogs need attending to
dinner needs fixing
mr w will be making his daily call...
i have to talk to you first..haha!
today we're going to visit
the national museum of history
in taipei.
a tiny gazebo & pond near the front gate.
also near the gate
this branch is held up by a large rock!
look at how it's been trimmed over the years
leaving knobbly remains along the branches.
part of the elaborate front gate...just along from the tree.
the funny thing was
that we didn't see any history exhibits...
they were setting up a disney exhibition outside
with interactive installations
inside there were exhibitions of modern small sculptures...
very beautifully made,
vases that looked like pipes joined together,
not that i'm describing it well...
but it was nothing like what i have ever seen before.
very intriguing.
but i am getting ahead of myself
because after exploring the front of the building
we made our way
along an extremely narrow path beside this place
opened a wrought iron gate
went down two steps
into the botanical gardens.

in this enormous pond full of lotus plants
we found a kingfisher

we spent all morning walking around the gardens
they were fabulous...
but the pix will have to wait for another day...
'til next time!
naturally Carol xox

Monday, September 24, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

good morning!
this is the morning of the big draw...
we're really into doing things by hand around here,
so names were handwritten on slips of notepaper,
hand folded into quarters so no names are showing,
hand placed into my beaut blue bowl
and then
the winners (two) were handpicked
by mr t...on uni holidays, otherwise busy doing his assignments
mr p...who never goes to work on mondays!

the winners are...
{drumroll please!}
christina lowry @christina lowry designs
ANB @ suburban sonnet
{cheers and applause thank you!}
christina and ANB please email me with your addresses
so i can send your little girls a petite tote each.
congratulations to you both!
better luck next time to everybody else who entered
a big thank you for taking part.
naturally Carol xox
p.s....sorry no chicken dinners!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Little Jilly Bag!

hi there!
i was thinking of all those who've entered my giveaway yesterday
who have more than one little girl needing a bag...
so i set out to make another one just in case it's needed
it could be second prize.
weeeell a funny thing happened...
catastrophic at the time really.
i was busy cutting out the red spotty lining
then cut out the little squares at the bottom edges so that it has a base...
oh, no!
i realised i'd cut them out at the top not the bottom...aaarrrahagggg!
but then not only did i make one mistake...hehe
but another..
i was measuring the amount needing to be taken off the other side of the bag
i took off a full half inch more on that side.
well i evened it up...
it became shorter,
but sweeter i think!
talk about making strawberry jam out of squished strawberries..hehe!
i've also made the front pocket wider...
so i thought it needed a completely new name
so it's my "little jilly bag".
if you want to enter the giveaway...
just comment on the previous post.
it's still going 'til sunday night.
naturally Carol xox t took this gorgeous photo for can see the budding jacaranda tree and a brewing storm in the background.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Giveaway Very Pink Petite Tote!

good news!

a giveaway!
i've made another petite ..very pink...tote
just for one of your little girls,
probably best suited for 2-7 year olds,
but younger ones will grow into it soon enough....
i'm giving it away
to one of my followers!
so anybody who follows 'naturally carol' will be eligible,
just leave a comment here..on this post
by the end of sunday...aest..queensland time,
the winner will be posted here
on monday, 24 september.
my decision will be unequivocally indisputable..hehe!!!!
{which means that my decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into!}
so if you have any little pinkophiles in your life
i know they'd love a petite tote
to help you with shopping...
guaranteed to fit at least a few sweet surprises inside
 has two outside pockets
just waiting for a petite purse or tissue
...perfect for tiny hands to hide tiny treasures in too.

feel free to become a follower
if you have a good reason not to
i'll accept that too!
oh..and by the way
everybody..aussie and international followers are welcome to enter,
i will send it 'round the globe for you...
hoping you're all feeling terrific this thursday!
naturally Carol xox

p.s ...i've just linked in with mycreativespace..hop over there for some scrummy creativity.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ella's Petite Tote...

good afternoon...
here i am
basking in the warmth of today,
alone but not lonely
relaxing but not vegetating!
i made a mini me tote bag...
i adapted the 'jane market bag'
for a small girl.
just for fun!
...with geoffrey.
it really is only a tiny version
measuring about 10" x 10" front on...
sides & base included, about a foot square.
lined with 'nicey jane' spots...
ella loves pink...
hopefully this has enough pink
for a pinkophile.
this tiny tote is on it's way to miss e now...
her dad is a dentist and is fixing ms s's teeth this afternoon...
so i didn't put a packet of sweets inside!
hoping the wednesday you're whiling away is altogether wonderful...
naturally Carol xox

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


good morning...
i realised this morning
i was thirsting for something for my spirit,
reached for my bible
and read this...
"....Now as they were travelling along.
He entered a certain village;
and a woman named Martha welcomed Him into her home.
And she had a sister called Mary,
who moreover was listening to the Lord's word,
seated at His feet.
But Martha was distracted with all her preparations;
and she came up to Him, and said,
"Lord do You not care that my sister
has left me to do all the serving alone?
Then tell her to help me."
But the Lord answered and said to her,
"Martha, Martha, you are worried about so many things;
but only a few things are necessary,
really only one,
for Mary has chosen the good part,
which shall not be taken away from her."
{Luke 10: 37-42}
this morning i decided to listen a while...
my joy
my peace
my sense of well being
are back.
it's just like
when you keep eating
when really
your body is screaming
"i'm thirsty!"
...then finally
you listen
and give it a long cool glass of water.
naturally Carol xox
p.s...the images were taken on a private property in taiwan.
the beauty was food for our soul on that day.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hot Pink!

 good afternoon
on this quiet monday...
mr w left this morning
to go back to work,
up north again,
won't see him for at least a fortnight...
{talk daily though}
mr m
who was here just for the weekend
went back to brisbane shortly after.
it's quiet here
there are empty spots where their bags and clothes were,
where computers and phones abounded...
where shoes were abandoned.
mr w was here for a full ten days
i'd gotten used to having him around...
feeling married again!
it's a monday of adjustment around here.
on a brighter note...
made this.
still the jane market bag...
just jazzed up the colour a bit
relaxed the pattern a tad.
bring on summer i say!
how is it at your place today?
naturally Carol xox

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Holiday Home in the Mountains...

before having a bite of lunch today
i realised you just haven't had your dose of taiwanese pix...
from our january holiday there..for this week...
i thought we'd have a visit to
chiang kai-shek's holiday home,
coming down from the mountain range
on the way to the northeasterly coast of taiwan.
his holiday home was set up high on the property.
extraordinary views to the east of mountain gorges.
when the rains come
these valleys fill with rushing water.
in the dry season
they plant crops of watermelons down there!
the gardens and view
coming up from the easterly side of the property,
the blossoms were just starting to come out. 
the vegetation was lush and it was cool and wet in january.
the road coming into the property
was mossy with rock walls...
i hope you've enjoyed our visit to taiwan today!
naturally Carol xox

Friday, September 14, 2012

Little Brown Nut...

hello today!
when my sister was very small
my dad used to call her his
little brown nut...
she was very cute...
short dark brown shiny hair
shining brown eyes
olive brown skin
when i was making this...
i found myself thinking of my sister
jill of velvetmoss
knew it was for her.

so this one
is not jane's market bag
it's jill's.
i'm sure she'd love a visit from you too!
i'm hoping you'll have a very special weekend with your family...
naturally Carol xox

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Blue!

good morning to you!
like all good foggy mornings
soon a patch of blue was forming
right over us.
i've been sewing another bag,
this one's for me
'cos i'm preparing for summer blue
golden yellow...
pegged by lime birds...
onto the banksia tree.
there are less words and more pictures today
as i'm a bit fuzzy-headed this week.
i'm doing more blog reading than writing this week,
thank goodness
that blog posts are short & sweet compared to books...
'cos i've read about two pages of a book
before i end up asleep!

here we are looking forward to summer blue
perhaps where you are there are sweet memories of summer blue...
but whereever you are
i'm wishing you happiness!
naturally Carol xox

 p.s...i know i said that bag no.1 was for me..but i gave it to my mum in n.z! i don't think i was thinking i would love to make so many  more at that stage. i will show you the one i made for my sister next...and i'm half way through one for my brother's partner for christmas.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rarely on a Wednesday!

it is so rare
for mr b and i to lunch together on a wednesday.
he is recuperating well from his hernia op
me...well, they do say..feed a cold!
{and starve a fever..and i haven't got one of these..hehe!}
we ate at our favourite cafe in town..
i didn't show you the piled high with meringue
piece of lemon meringue pie
my foamy dense chai latte...yum!
...'cos i forgot to take pix before i ate them..sorry ;-o
with rather full tummies
we are back home and he's working
well, i'm here.
i hope your lunch was special today too!
naturally Carol xox

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


good morning!
i've got that bug,
the one that almost everybody
has ended up with this winter..
except that it's spring
'you've escaped this one'..i thought to myself!
then, it snuck up on me.
at first just a tiny sore throat and cough in the middle of the night
then wham.
but i have done some sewing
 'jane market bag' 3 was born....
i got ms s to choose her own fabric...
black and white was the theme on the outside.
pink with white spots on the inside.
as i make up these bags for various female family  members
i have thought about their personalities
and the fabrics they're choosing.
do you do that?
ms s...likes black...  sophistication & elegance ..outwardly
and has a passion for pink..soft, girly and fun on the inside!
i also think that the bag i'm working on
is my favourite so far...
every time!
now that this market bag has
done her photo shoot
she can roam the runways of the city with ms s!
how is your day shaping up?
naturally Carol xox

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Garden Is Your Garden!

mrs blanche spider and me
share a garden you see...
she makes her silken home in the hibiscus
i inhabit the house just across the front path...
she hangs around some of the time...
me too!
she looks like a tiny glow-in-the-dark alien...
i feel like one every now and then..hehe!
who else do you share a garden with?
naturally Carol xox

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Humming Along...

this sunday...
i have been determined
to use what i have instead of buying more fabric...

had fun sorting them by colour a couple of days ago.
this always inspires me to make more,
but also to collect more.
last year my piles were twice this size
now there are a few gaps
in the stash
i'm longing to get my hands on
some of the beauties i've seen lately...
i hope you're humming along quite nicely this sunday...
naturally Carol xox