Tuesday, September 11, 2012


good morning!
i've got that bug,
the one that almost everybody
has ended up with this winter..
except that it's spring
'you've escaped this one'..i thought to myself!
then, it snuck up on me.
at first just a tiny sore throat and cough in the middle of the night
then wham.
but i have done some sewing
 'jane market bag' ..no. 3 was born....
i got ms s to choose her own fabric...
black and white was the theme on the outside.
pink with white spots on the inside.
as i make up these bags for various female family  members
i have thought about their personalities
and the fabrics they're choosing.
do you do that?
ms s...likes black...  sophistication & elegance ..outwardly
and has a passion for pink..soft, girly and fun on the inside!
i also think that the bag i'm working on
is my favourite so far...
every time!
now that this market bag has
done her photo shoot
she can roam the runways of the city with ms s!
how is your day shaping up?
naturally Carol xox


  1. I love it carol! I have made a few Jane market bags of my own and it's fun to see what a few fabric changes can do to a pattern! Have a wonderful day :)

  2. Oh the bag is fabulous, congratulations. Sorry to hear you're not feeling great, i had that little virus feeling for 2 weeks, just felt blah, no one else got sick but it was a really good opportunity for me to slow down, i felt great afterwards!! Love Posie

  3. Oh poor you! Hope you get well soon <3
    Your bag looks really lovely!
    Sarah xo

  4. Fabulous bag..great combination of fabrics. Hope you're over the bug soon! Love Jillxx

  5. Fabulous bag Carol..I too tend to choose the fabric to suit the personality of whoever I am making for.
    Hope you are feeling better soon...the flu has me in it's grips too.

  6. It's beautiful Carol! Your beautiful sewing and the lovely fabrics...what a combination!

  7. PS sorry to hear that the 'bug' has hit you :-(

  8. I often think about what fabric a person chooses too, I actually like seeing the differences. I hope that you recover from your flu soon. Take care. x

  9. Love the bag. The pink inside is such a cute surprise!

  10. Hope you feel better soon...no rain...no rainbows

  11. Ooo I love Ms S's taste, gorgeous bag! Sorry to hear you're unwell Carol, hope you feel much better soon...sewing is a lovely distraction at least xo

  12. Coming back from holiday; this is a shock! You realize that in the whole year until I left for a holiday on August 4th, you wrote 8 posts. So coming here to catch up, I expected about 1 or 2 posts to read; instead I find 29!! It took me almost an hour to read them all, see all the beautiful pictures, get hungry from the wonderful recipes. Now you want me to leave a comment. I hope you won't expect a comment on every single post; in your dreams! But I've enjoyed this last hour very much,and I am very happy, to see you back in blogland!

  13. Love your bags - so handy ones like that and yours are so beautifully made and carefully designed. I too think about fabrics, colours etc when making a gift for others - I like to think my gift is perfectly suited to them and their tastes.

    Hope you're feeling better x

  14. Wow your bags are gorgeous! You have inspired me to dust off my sewing machine.

    Have a lovely week.


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