Thursday, September 27, 2012

Celebrating Ordinary

hi there!
today i want to celebrate the ordinary
the everyday
the mundane.
i have decided i really like ordinary days,
having time to wash the dishes without distraction
time to think
while my hands do something they already know how to do.
i like days when there is no momentous news,
no event to plan and organise,
nothing urgent
off the radar bursting to be noticed or attended to.
time to make a first thing in the morning orange juice from scratch.
time to recharge my batteries.
time to notice nature.
time to be grateful.

time to finish what i've started.
time to play with some fabrics...
picking out just the right shade of yellow.
time to fiddle & potter & pick.
pictures of ordinariness in my household today...
wishing you time for much ordinariness too!
naturally Carol xox



  1. Yep, those definitely are the best kind of days! I love putter around the house days, with nothing urgent or pressing to do.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my WWII mugs.

  2. Hello Carol:
    These are the very things which are the essence of life. To enjoy such things, as clearly you do, is to live life to the full. Or so we believe.

  3. I spent 45 minutes rolling meatballs today while my baby slept; a task I used to hate doing but today I loved the uninterrupted thinking time. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you Carol.

  4. I also enjoy ordinary. Those oranges look sooo good.

  5. Oh yes I would soooooo love some ordinary days. All this rushing around is leaving me in a tizzy!

  6. Love those sort of days too, Carol! They're always a good chance to 'recharge the batteries' :-)

  7. Oh what a lovely post Carol. I know precisely what you mean. At about this time of night, when I think about the following day and try to plan it all out in my mind... the days I love the most are the ones where we don't have appointments, engagements, meetings etc... and where we can just potter around home or maybe wander to the park. And the days where we don't have to go to the shops are definitely my favourite, these days. The shops have become quite the nightmare of late. Thanks for sharing your perfectly simple day with us xo

  8. Oh yes celebrating the ordinary I am all for that...with school holidays beginning tomorrow afternoon I plan on doing quite a bit of that. Lovely photos and even lovelier sentiments. xx

  9. Just so thankful for the ordinary! It means my family is well, and happy, and... well, ordinary! Love this! xo

  10. Oh yes, I appreciate those ordinary days. I wish I had more of them too.

  11. I love being home and enjoying the little things--thanks for the beautiful post and reminder to appreciate them more! Have a lovely day, Carol!

  12. Ordinary is good! I love days when I don't have to be anywhere or do anything at any specific time or place. When I can just potter around and do what ever takes my fancy.
    Wishing you many happy ordinary days!

  13. What a lovely post to celebrate the peace and pleasures of ordinary life! I love to potter about like this too!
    Have a happy (ordinary) day!
    Helen x

  14. This is such a wonderful post! I'm going to quote some of it on my blog this week!

    Amanda Rose

  15. Hi Carol! Lovely relaxing post! I love ordinary days ... no surprises ... not to hurry anywhere suddenly ... just to do our works as we like. Your selvage pillow is so beautiful! Great idea! x Teje

  16. The ordinary days are often some of my favourite, I like the simplicity of them too.:)

  17. Here is the post I quoted you in! Have a great day.

    Amanda Rose


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