Monday, September 17, 2012

Hot Pink!

 good afternoon
on this quiet monday...
mr w left this morning
to go back to work,
up north again,
won't see him for at least a fortnight...
{talk daily though}
mr m
who was here just for the weekend
went back to brisbane shortly after.
it's quiet here
there are empty spots where their bags and clothes were,
where computers and phones abounded...
where shoes were abandoned.
mr w was here for a full ten days
i'd gotten used to having him around...
feeling married again!
it's a monday of adjustment around here.
on a brighter note...
made this.
still the jane market bag...
just jazzed up the colour a bit
relaxed the pattern a tad.
bring on summer i say!
how is it at your place today?
naturally Carol xox


  1. Your place sounds a 'bit empty' today Carol but what a lovely cheerful bag you made :-)

  2. Hopefully you have some nice things planned with friends to cheer you up a bit? It must be a bit of an upheaval always saying family as they come and go. But what a pretty, pretty bag you've made!

  3. It's an odd feeling being the one left in the empty house, isn't it? I have a completely different routine when Andy is away (as he will be from tomorrow) than I do when he's here. It takes me a little time to adjust.

    Hope you have some nice things planned while you're on your own.

    That is a great bag - it's lovely to see how different the bags look using a variety of fabric combinations. All so pretty and practical!

  4. It must feel a little empty, but OH! to have time to sew would be glorious!!! ;) Sending you much love! xo

  5. You did a great job on the tote, my girlfriend recently ordered that same pattern, it is really such a lovely bag, I hope the days pass quickly for you.

  6. It would be hard going to a quiet house again. It looks like you're keeping yourself busy sewing up a happy bag like you have. Have a happy Tuesday Carol.

  7. I take my hat off to couples who do the FIFO thing, I hope the time passes by quickly for you Carol.
    That sure is a bright and cheery tote..perfect for these warm Spring days.

  8. Oh Carol, it must be a difficult adjustment for you, hope you found your rhythm ok today. Beautiful bag, love the hot pink...and yes a lovely one for Summer days xo

  9. I hope that having such a pretty bag cheered up your Monday. Love the pattern and lovely bright fabric that you've used. Just in time for summer indeed!

  10. What a cheery and sweet bag!! Happy Monday! xo Heather

  11. Hi Carol - what gorgeous fabric. Lovely and bright, hope it brightened your day. cheers Wendy


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