Friday, September 21, 2012

Little Jilly Bag!

hi there!
i was thinking of all those who've entered my giveaway yesterday
who have more than one little girl needing a bag...
so i set out to make another one just in case it's needed
it could be second prize.
weeeell a funny thing happened...
catastrophic at the time really.
i was busy cutting out the red spotty lining
then cut out the little squares at the bottom edges so that it has a base...
oh, no!
i realised i'd cut them out at the top not the bottom...aaarrrahagggg!
but then not only did i make one mistake...hehe
but another..
i was measuring the amount needing to be taken off the other side of the bag
i took off a full half inch more on that side.
well i evened it up...
it became shorter,
but sweeter i think!
talk about making strawberry jam out of squished strawberries..hehe!
i've also made the front pocket wider...
so i thought it needed a completely new name
so it's my "little jilly bag".
if you want to enter the giveaway...
just comment on the previous post.
it's still going 'til sunday night.
naturally Carol xox t took this gorgeous photo for can see the budding jacaranda tree and a brewing storm in the background.


  1. Hi Carol! Your new bags are just the sweetest! Lucky the little girl(s) to enjoy them! Usually mistake means only change of a plan. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  2. The bag turned out beautifully Carol!And now you've started a new range of bags as well! :-)

  3. The photo is AMAZING!!!
    The bag is super cute too.
    Good on you for not chucking it in a corner and walking away (which I have been known to do).
    Have a fab weekend. x

  4. Hello Carol:
    Well, mistakes or no, it looks very pretty to us and we are sure that if won by someone it will give continued pleasure. Let's hear it for 'The Little Jilly Bag'!!!

  5. Hi Carol,
    SO Lovely!!!Gorgeous fabric. Sometimes mistakes are the way of new models :).Your week was full of beautiful bags.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Love Craft

  6. So cute. Sometimes things are just meant to be :)

  7. The Jilly bag is just as cute! And that pic is amazing too.
    Have a fab weekend, enjoy the beginnings of Spring !

  8. Gorgeous Carol! You make me laugh, you're too sweet. Lovely photo too xo

  9. would never have known about the bag ....very cute. those clouds look like the ones we have had all day too. xx

  10. What a gorgeous photo. Wasn't that storm amazing. Looks like the whole east coast was stormy late yesterday. We live waaaay down south. That bag is adorable. I'm going back to that other post to enter. Thanks so much! x

  11. I love this photo! Gorgeous gorgeous bag! Clever ! X

  12. You would never know that there were mistakes :) I think it turned out beautifully! Am loving those little pom-poms!

  13. super cute!! love the photo too! i could never brave enough to try and make a bag out of that cute fabric! you're so talented and creative! love the little pom poms on the front too!

    x susan

  14. How cute! Il. Take a jacaranda tree too, please :)

  15. Oh, I love the strawberries!! All your bags are just the sweetest!! Such a beautiful photo! xo Heather


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