Sunday, September 9, 2012

Humming Along...

this sunday...
i have been determined
to use what i have instead of buying more fabric...

had fun sorting them by colour a couple of days ago.
this always inspires me to make more,
but also to collect more.
last year my piles were twice this size
now there are a few gaps
in the stash
i'm longing to get my hands on
some of the beauties i've seen lately...
i hope you're humming along quite nicely this sunday...
naturally Carol xox



  1. If only my stash was so orderly...everything is crammed into suitcases, half of it not even folded.
    I always reason with myself that if I use some of what I have I can buy a little extra :)

  2. Yes Carol, you are to be commended for the neatness of your stash piles :-)

  3. Hello Carol:
    We are hugely impressed with these piles of material which do look a decorative item in their own right.

  4. I have pledged to use the fabric in my stash too. You are so right about sorting it, I also find it makes me more creative and inspired. Happy Stitching!

  5. Hello Carol,
    Your fabric stash looks so enticing!...It's so hard to resist buying new fabrics, isn't it?...My stash is growing by the day and I'm trying my best to at least mix some old with new finds...always a dilemma!
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x

  6. Ooo I know this feeling Carol. Purchasing new fabrics, threads, buttons etc... gives me a real thrill. Hope you get to indulge in a few newbies very soon xo

  7. There is nothing so satisfying than using something up you already

  8. I'm having to cut back so will be doing the same kind of sorting soon. I hope you'll get to add to your fabric stacks but at the same time I know you are so creative you can do a lot with what you have.

  9. I've made a similar pledge to use what I have...not having much success. Your colourful pile is lovely. Hi!
    Greer x


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