Tuesday, September 4, 2012

As Dry As Toast!

it's a beautiful day,
the sky is smiling blue,
the breeze whispers
gently lifts the curtain beside me
places it down again.
the dogs doze,
birds and bees are busy,
fluffy heads on dry grass waves and nods.
it's as dry as toast out there.
no rain for over a month.
the ground is beginning to dust
the grass beginning to brown...
a far cry from the flooding rains
that have been around for the past few years.
i'm thinking of using the hose this afternoon.
mr w had to find some hose fittings...
why is it that they disappear?
who takes them?
nobody ever knows.
tuesdays are terrific...
dollar new release movies down the road,
two clicks on my coffee card instead of one!
hoping tuesday is terrific
at your place too...
naturally Carol xox


  1. Your blog is always such a calming read. My Tuesday is better for spending part of it with you Carol xx

  2. Hello Carol:
    You really do seem to be having, or perhaps have had by now, a most enjoyable Tuesday although we can understand your concern at the lack of rain, particularly this early in the season. Here in Budapest we are still enjoying hot days with temperatures over 30c. Most unusual for the time of year.

    Thank you so much for the comment left on our latest post. To see it, and to read our reply, it is necessary to click on 'Load More'.

  3. Sounds like a terrific Tuesday, you capture the day well

  4. Wow that sounds like our winter...as soon as Spring ticked over on Saturday...we have had the worst storms and tonnes of rain...strange days indeed. Tuesday's really are fun around you.
    P.S. Love the new profile pic xxx

  5. We've had a few over cast days recently, but no rain. I've been pottering around with the watering can while I wait. Next thing we know though, storm season will be on it's way. :)

  6. Our Tuesday was wonderful here...this afternoon we took long walks around the farm, and as what I suppose will be the last cold snap has arrived, it was very pleasant!
    Sarah xx

  7. What a lovely way you write. As I tap out this message the rain is pelting down here in NZ!..gusty winds and cold...more wintry than springlike... Hopefully you get a bit more rain soon to freshen things up a bit. But not too much! Love Jillxx

  8. I love your descriptions of the daily happenings Carol. You really do make the every day sound so interesting and appealing. Summer hasn't even nearly started yet and already I'm worrying about bush fire season, unfortunately it doesn't take much before they're out of control xo

  9. I am so glad we don't experience the weather extremes you do, here in the UK. Sure we've had a wash out summer but there wasn't any major flooding, and yes the lack of sunlight got us down, but it has been too warm for me through August. Here's hoping you get the perfect spring and summer :)

  10. Tuesday sounds pretty good at your place! It's been so wet here this winter, the ground is still damp but reading your post reminds me how quickly it seems to dry out and turn dusty. As for those tap fittings, I know exactly where to find them at our place, they miraculously appear in the boys toy boxes..x

  11. Such a beautiful way your write! I felt a sense of calm there x


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