Friday, September 9, 2011

Changing My Mind...

good morning!

if you want to see some pretty pink cushions..
scroll down to the previous post,
it is less than 24 hours since i posted,
but i've something on my mind.

identity theft.

it suddenly occurred to me a week or so ago
that some parts of my identity
i think i have hidden well on my blog...
but other things i have been foolish about.

one of those foolish things
was celebrating my birthday when it occurred.
i've just deleted that post.

i've just visited another blog..which i won't identify...
but it is a common occurrence...
where people celebrate their childrens' birthdays
or wedding anniversaries etc etc
and i'm just wondering if these would all add up to
unscrupulous people using this info to profile you
and lead to identity theft?

what do you think?

are we too careless with information?

the banks and other lending institutions or even telco companies etc..
should be a lot tighter in demanding identification
but in my opinion they're greedy and will sell their product rather than make these demands.

so should we have to help ourselves in this area more?

these baby staghorns multiply abundantly
given the right conditions!

crime does too!

concerned today...
{i don't think i'm being paranoid, what do you think?}

naturally Carol xox


  1. Carol, I think we do have to be careful. I am intentionally vague about a lot of things (dates, places, names) on my blog. We are all safer that way.

  2. no your not paranoid!!! im the same i deleted everything that was personal! like actual birthday etc..i dont even post pictures of my kids.

    The staghorns look so cute!

  3. oh and i even opened up a po box for craft swaps.

  4. Thanks for this post's not something I had actually thought about but now that you mention it, it's something I should be more mindful of.
    I have shown pics of our children but have been pretty vague with names but is that even safe?


  5. Good reminder. I can be careless with sharing information at times. But I almost ALWAYS use my work address for swaps and online purchases.

  6. I don't think you are paranoid. You have to be careful online and it's easy to forget that sometimes.

    Now I'm off to check whether I've ever posted about my birthday and how specific I was!!!

  7. Good question and it's something I've thought about a lot.
    I've never used my full name anywhere on the blog, but I do post about my birthday. I've never blogged about how old I am, therefore no-one can work out my full date of birth.
    I've also never ever mentioned which suburb I actually live in.

  8. You prompted me to take a look at what info I post online, and what came to light was that anyone looking hard enough could gather different bits of personal information from different places. My full name is on Ravelry now as I published a pattern there, and so was my birth day and month, and my blog links to my Ravelry pattern page. Hadn't been a problem before the pattern publication as I was anonymous on there. All sorted I hope. Cheers for the reminder Carol.

  9. Thanks for the reminder - certainly food for thought!

  10. No you are right I agree, and I think I have done that myself said a date for a birthday and so on.
    It's so easy to do without thinking on the internet, but my etsy shop shows nearly my address and they say its needed on your profile. I would rather just have the country you live in.
    I do think we carry to much in our bags without thinking, we probably don't need half the cards we carry that have our names on etc.
    best wishes Julie.C

  11. this is a horrible thought, but I guess the reality is there are grubby people out there to take advantage, what a shame..

  12. Worth talking and thinking hubbie reminds me of these things all the time. we tend to forget that it is not just lovely friends that read along.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  13. It's certainly a good point, Carol. It's best to be vague about some details though hard to deny to blog buddies when it's your birthday isn't it?? I know some people worry a lot about identity theft. I'm sure you're right to be cautious, and to keep a check on how much you reveal.
    Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  14. I agree that some things are better left unpublicized. It's better to be safe than sorry!

  15. Hi Carol!

    Loved your post! And I have chosen you to recieve The Versatile Blogger award.

    Please come visit my blog at and pass on the love.

    Khush, from Journey

  16. In these days when people do unscrupulous acts to earn money, we can never be too careful. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  17. Dear Carol,
    Sadly yes we should be careful of giving dates of special occasions and not addresses of home etc. Times have changed and not all are as caring as you expect. I hope we all attract the genuine people we try to be ourselves. Pop along to my blog I did a thank-you for you ages ago! Your cushions are so pretty in our visitors
    spare room they make me smile every time I pass by! So did the birthday card. I hope you had a happy day too. I have been busy as lately and need to do some catching up with my blog soon.
    Best wishes, xo Sue

  18. It is something that I have grappled with at times. Maybe I will get my fingers burnt. Soemhow I dont mind being me out in the open. Strange really as usually I am quite shy and self conscious.

    I love your cushions too. I am missing them. They are 1300km away on my king size bed.


  19. It really is something we have to be careful about. Mind you, I've mostly been careful about my little's identity (at the moment I'm still posting photos of her, but that too will end soon). I hadn't thought too much about protecting my own identity, this is real food for thought.

  20. i don't know if you're paranoid, but what's a baby staghorn??? they don't have those in tennessee!!!


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