Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grateful for...Strauss!

hi & good afternoon!

on this happy sunny weekend

i am grateful for strauss

{all of them}

and the vienna philharmonic orchestra...

there was a repeat performance yesterday on sbs
of their new years day concert
 i have loved the music of strauss
ever since i heard the enchanting 'blue danube'.

when i was about fourteen
i remember asking for a cassette tape of strauss' music...
especially the waltzes.
it was the first bit of classical music i ever loved.

so yesterday
my joy was full
as i listened to the orchestra,
took in the sights of austria and the surrounding european countries

i realised as i sewed
that the pattern on the fabric
of swathes of pink roses
matched the pink roses that were decorating the great hall
that the orchestra was playing in.

the vienna town hall
 is always exquisitely decorated...this year was no exception
 with 30,000 rosy hued blooms
and greenery to cheer the audience up
in the snowy austrian winter
dozens of crystal chandeliers swinging and sparkling
sending light
from the painted and moulded ceilings.

dressed formally
the orchestra played,
beautiful ballerinas danced
the audience
in all their best finery
cheered and clapped

not quite austrian...
but a 'parisienne apartment',
oh, well.

hoping you're enjoying your sunday!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi Carol

    As a child I loved the blue danube and it is from that waltz that I learned about european cities and thence to urge to travel.

    As always exquisite sewing.


  2. Strauss' music is really beautiful ...and I keep meaning to go to Austria, but it never quite makes it to the top of my (very long) list. Shame! Your cushion is beautiful too, Carol, but that as to be expected!

  3. A lovely post Carol :-) And another beautiful cushion! DH and I were fortunate enough in 2008 to go to a small concert in Vienna, featuring the music of the stausses (? correct plural i hope! lol)

  4. Loving the roses Carol..The weather is perfect for maybe an Opera In the park,don't you think? xx

  5. Like me, are you prone to crafting to the tempo of the music? Like me, are there times when this goes HORRIBLY wrong?

    Obviously the excellent cushion emerged entirely unscathed!

  6. Oh the joys of the New Year's Day concert. We watch every year and record so we can watch again and again ... guess what I'll now be listening to later ;)
    Love the rosy cushion :D

  7. These are lovely! Enjoy the fabulous week ahead, Kellie xx

  8. Hello there...

    Very lovely cushions! and I am so happy that you are so full of foy this fine Sunday!!! Remember when I said we had much in common... well sweet sister, this is where we may differ. I do love all kinds of music but, I don't think I would find as much joy in Strauss as you do. I do hope you will have a lovely week.

    Take care,

  9. Yay for Strauss indeed. Wonderful stuff. And wonderful cushion too.

    Hope you're fighting fit these days Carol x

  10. Happily humming some Strauss now - thanks Carol!
    xo Cathy

  11. i lov the little bobbles on the cushions


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