Monday, September 12, 2011

My Blue Heaven!


this fabric
is as close to blue heaven as i could get...
romantic and dreamy
and just adore blue and white stripes,
they are a match made in heaven...truly!

want a closer look at the stripes?

and the back?

now just imagine yourself
lying in amongst this trio of comfy blue goodness
on your freshly painted verandah...
under blue skies
this summer!

i'm just imagining it now...

hang in there...
summer's coming to oz...very soon!

naturally Carol xox


  1. You know what?
    You're right.
    I can see these on my verandah this summer, if only I had some Adirondack chairs to put them on.

    Happy day Clever You!
    xx Felicity

  2. That is just what I was thinking, looking at these beautiful blue pillows! They really make me think of beach, summer, a beautiful white deckchair, and maybe a nice cold cocktail.

  3. That is my favourite pretty pretty blue! What gorgeous cushions Carol! Happy week! X

  4. They are pretty - and very summer-y! Summer has definitely been and gone here - we're firmly into autumn now with crisper mornings but still fairly warm in the middle of the day.

  5. Now if I just had a veranda ... ;) I do have a hammock here in my little UK garden ... maybe next summer I'll have pretty blue and white cushions too :D

  6. Oh I love blue and white too Carol. So crisp and fresh! These are a delightful trio, perfect for the Summer day's ahead. Gorgeous :o) xo

  7. Ah, the waves of summer, Carol. Just looking at these patterns is so relaxing. I feel a little like I'm on holiday.

    I definitely need to go to bed!


  8. You know how much I love them, Carol, you crafty soul! Do you ever rest?! I'm *so* impressed. J x

  9. Very pretty! That blue is quite soothing to look at.

  10. Definitely a match made in heaven, they are lovely. Not happy to hear summer's on its way to you, it hasn't arrived here yet!!

  11. Gorgeous color! So refreshing to the eyes! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  12. accckkk! ALL your pillows are adorable (incl past posts)!

  13. Heavenly blues. I like the floral and stripes mixed like that.

  14. Gorgeous fabric, Carol. Love the stripes sitting between the flowers.

  15. Yes we have Spring in the air here the cushions. Glad to see you are still finding lovely fabrics and inspiration to create.

  16. All my favourite things in one cushion - lilac-y blue and stripes - just dreamy. So beautiful.

  17. what a pretty colour Carol,very nice

  18. Dear Carol, your new pillows are beautiful and those colours are like a heaven! I love blue so much!
    Funny that I'm looking forward to get over this hot summer and to enjoy autumn!
    xxx Teje

  19. Hello Carol first of all thanks for sharing the idea of floral and lines mix and match... its something very beautiful... lovely... I pin it on my board too...
    Please come and have a cup of tea with me …I baked a delicacies Cheese Strawberry Cake…

  20. I think you have the prettiest pillow collection of anyone I know. Your stash of fabric is always so beautiful. So glad summer is reaching your parts. It is starting to get chilly here.


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