Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just Grateful!

good afternoon...

here's the other bit of the dog
whose tail was on the couch yesterday....

this is mr max
for those that haven't met him yet.

he is normally placid
but if he's hungry
the other dog's had better watch out...
he reacts a bit like all the males i know when they're hungry..hehe!

he is quite possessive as well
which i think normally gets called loyal in dog circles.

he is now peacefully lying at my feet as i type...
ellie and kara are off doing other things.

today i am grateful for...

the company of my little pack of dogs,
'cos when the others are involved in their own stuff
these three are always by my side
no matter what.

the grateful links are up at

lioness lady

see you soon...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi Carol

    How gorgeous is mr max. Where would we without our doggie mates?

    much love

  2. I have a Max dog.. he is a rottweiler and the size of a horse!
    If he sees you with food he starts to froth at the mouth and drools!!

    Gotta love dogs.

  3. Dogs are great companions, aren't they? Don't know where I'd be without Pip .... especially when my husband is away on business.

    Mr Max looks like he owns that sofa!! Don't tell Pip - she isn't allowed on the furniture!

  4. Hello Mr Max :D The five whippet boys and the tiny little old man dachshund keeping me company say Hi too. Where would we dog loving folk be without our canine companions! Grateful indeed.

  5. Gorgeous! He looks very loyal and lovable. Happy Weekend Carol xoxox

  6. sweet! i am dying to get a dog and am hoping to get one soon! :)

  7. Hi Carol! Max look beautiful! Our dogs are really so good company - always there for us!
    Your orange pillow is so lovely and sunny!
    xxx Teje

  8. They are lovely. So adorable! Have a wonderful week ahead, Kellie xx

  9. Max is adorable! So much more than a waggy tail! I love how pooches are so happy to curl up at your feet while you are working on things, such good company! I am grateful for my dog too! Happy Sunday! X

  10. It's really amazing how dogs can be like the people in our lives in terms of how they make us feel loved and secured. Max is so cute, Carol. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  11. Mr Max looks very sweet.
    Beth x

  12. Oh Carol, Mr Max looks every bit the loyal friend. He's gorgeous :o) I like the idea of having a pack of furry friends also... though I think a bigger yard is order before I can have that! xo


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