Friday, September 23, 2011

Oranges and Lemons...

good afternoon!

it's friday again..
it comes around so quickly!
i seem to say that every friday,
but it's true.

this week i've finished off
a couple of very bright cushions...
big pops of colour...
but with a woodsy kind of seventies vibe...

doesn't that colour just explode right at you?

normally i would edit this photo
and crop it to make max's tail disappear
but i  just thought i'd give you a peek
at the general chaos that usually accompanies my photo shoots!

so take good note of the crinkles on the black lounge,
the curtains stuffed into the back of the couch
and the unkempt affair of a tail hanging around

now you can pick up the seventies vibe..

the wooden daisy buttons

and the coffee bean brown contrast.

this is the edited version of lemon sunshine woodland fern...

where the decor or tidiness of my loungeroom doesn't matter!

max has been banished offscreen!

in the light of early morning
the glow in the dark factor seemed to multiply
in the pics taken
on the black couch...

the cushions really don't glow like this in real life...

i was led this week
in my creative endeavours
by the sunny days
and growing warmth of spring
and these bright shades
epitomised the look of summer to me.

what has led your creativity this week?

have a great weekend!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Those are wonderful. Yellow is my favorite color. Those buttons add a nice touch.

  2. The colors are gorgeous! Fabulous combination! Enjoy the weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  3. What beautifully bright happy colours! they make me feel warm and fuzzy!!! Very energized too! Loved that tail that slipped into shot!!! Happy weekend! X

  4. I'm a HUGE fan of those bright and cheery colors!!! Gorgeous, as always. =)

  5. Gorgeous rich, bright colours Carol. I can see Summer in them also. And they do have a fabulous retro appeal :o) xo

  6. Oh, they're lovely ... I always like your cushions Carol, but I adore these :D Funnily though, as I sit here on what for us is the autumnal equinox, I read your oranges, lemons and browns as autumn inspired and not summery at all ... how very northern hemisphere of me ;D

  7. They look fabulous! Enjoy your weekend..x

  8. Yay for bright shades of summer coming up. Love these colours Carol.


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