Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whatcha Up To?

good afternoon!

just thought i'd type up a few thoughts
and let you know how things are going here.

it's school holidays
so although i haven't any kids at school
all my regular 'during the week' activities halt
and we all relax
just as if we did have kids on holidays.

on monday i did a bit of sewing
but i haven't done any since..haha!

yesterday i pottered around sorting out a few magazines
blogged a little..just dropping comments
willy nilly as they came to you do...
strewn like little daisies on a green lawn...
well perhaps not that poetically!

i dropped off my reread and sorted home decor mags
to one of my favourite cafes
and of course had to stop for a large cappucino,
though i did take my study notes
and made a good headway on writing down some notes for a test after the hols.
yay!...that clears my conscience somewhat.
i also bought one of their delicious quiches..
handmade on site,
and brought it home for my dinner tonight.

we have decided on a run of doing meals separately around here.
my dilemna was that i really need to lose some weight...
not that quiche was necessarily the best choice there..oh well...
and mr t and s like a smattering of takeaways
and meals that are a bit heavier than i should eat...
and mr p likes to either pick up something on the way home from work,
or eat after going to the gym, which is too late for me.

so we are fending for ourselves
and doing separate grocery shopping...
we'll just have to see how it all works out.

at the moment
i am just enjoying the freedom
of only having myself to look after.
it means i'm totally responsible too,
for what i buy and cook and eat...
just what i need at the moment.

if you live with other people
do you find it hard to eat what you should
like i do...
or are you very strong minded
and health conscious anyway?

i'd love to hear your thoughts...
have a brilliant day!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Your beauty of a bowl at the start looks like you've captured a heart in it Carol - delightful.

    As for the cooking/eating dilemma. For the months of June/July I went on a no-red-meat diet which meant that I had to be creative at mealtimes as I'm generally the chief cook.

    The notion of cooking lots of meals and popping them in the freezer is one that really appeals and we do get there sometimes but not as often as I'd genuinely like.

    I'm thinking that as the weather heats up there will be lots of salads and BBQ's and I'm hoping that we will be eating more 'lightly' as a consequence.

    Tonight though - fish & chips by the river. Yummo!

  2. Hope you enjoy your relaxing week!! It's strange to think of it being school holidays in Australia ... kids are only a few weeks into the new school year here!!

    We eat separately quite a lot - my husband is constantly battling his weight and I have so many food allergies and intolerances that what I eat just isn't very appealing for him. Plus he has the advantage of a great, inexpensive canteen at work - so we both eat our main meals separately at lunchtime and just have a snack in the evening. Seems to work out quite well.

    Weekend meals are always the subject of much negotiation! He has some stuff in the freezer that I can't eat - so sometimes we cook separate meals, but we generally try to do something that works for both of us. Takeaways are completely unheard of in this house!! I need to know exactly what I'm eating ... and they always seem so expensive!!

  3. We all eat the same in our house at the moment. But when I was a rebellious teenager I became a committed health nut/vegetarian and I think I drove my Mum batty. I would shop for my own food with money that I had earnt from part time jobs and then cook up but used so many pots and pans. I was learning but I think it created a bit of a rift.

    I have lived in so many student shared households and the fridge used to pile over and so many things would go rotten too.

    Eating more salads sounds like a great idea now its warming up.

    Good luck Carol.


  4. As my kids get older, I find the whole evening meal thing is becoming more of a challenge! When they were little, we all ate at the same time and ate the same thing. Now they keep odd hours with part-time jobs, sport, friends, etc. Winter is good for making huge casseroles and soups and freezing leftovers in both family sized and individual servings and summer is good for BBQs and salads. I confess to being a lazy cook, striving for healthy, but simple. But best of all - both my kids can cook so they each have a night when they are in charge, which lets me off the hook!

    Good luck with your new arrangements - I hope they work out!

  5. Our school holidays are a week away and I have plans for all sorts of fun and non work related these Spring time school holidays....

    Have a great weekend.

  6. It sounds like a lovely week!

    In my house, I'm actually the bad influence when it comes to food. Left to his own devices, The Man would eat super healthy, but I'm the one that tempts him with yummy sweet stuff... mind you, I'm trying hard to stop that as well. Good luck with your healthy eating and the eating separately!


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