Sunday, September 11, 2011

The End of a Weekend...

it's closing in on sunday afternoon...

mr w was home for the weekend
so i've had good company with my coffee
and my back got scratched in just the right places...

the washing is done and dry..thanks to the wind yesterday

the gutters are clean...
the grass is mown...
the paths are tidy...
church has been attended...
the pot plants are fed and watered...

it's all good!

how was your weekend?

naturally Carol xox


  1. Ours was prety quiet her Carol as we have all been a bit sick. There is a cold southerly wind but pockets of sunshine.

    Its great when you have all those boxes ticked.

    Much love

  2. Yes, a very quiet weekend for us too, keeping the pace very slow while hubby and I fight the flu.

    I so wish we had a rotary line like yours..we have one of those ones jutted up again the house that only has five short lines attached and is not very effective at getting a full load dry.


  3. Our weekend was great. Painting, the usual chores and a couple of fetes and parties squeezed in to keep us on our toes. xx

  4. I love these kinds of weekends. Glad to hear the sun is shinning your way Carol.

    We have had a lovely quiet one. A rainy few days with a chilly wind. Lots of time to crochet and potter about.


  5. A nice relaxing weekend here Carol. We did go out for a bit today to have a look at a strawbale house for sustainable house day...

    Glad you had a good weekend too.

  6. All sounds fabulous to me Carol, you are well set up for the week ahead with all of those chores out of the way :o)
    And oh my, there is nothing nicer than line dried washing, all crisp and crunchy from blowing in the breeze.
    I have to say our weekend was one of the loveliest in a while... the weather certainly helped! :o) xo

  7. Sounds like you've had a great weekend, Carol! Ours has been quite quiet as Andy got back from a week away late Friday. He never wants to do too much when he's been travelling. And today because the weather has been bad (thunderstorms) we've cleared out the storage room in the basement so that he has some workshop space - very satisfying to sort out another corner! Now I'm sitting with my knitting in front of the telly - perfect!

  8. Gosh, no where near as productive as yours! But then I had a flat tyre, a two hour work phone call, and a swimming graduation to attend. Oh and plus today was my sleep-in morning so I didn't get up until 9:30am!! And now it's 11:30pm and I'm still baking cupcakes for Snowbear to take to school tomorrow for her 10 birthday!!
    But none of the washing/gardening/cleaning/folding/tidying/dishes etc etc etc have been done. Sigh.
    Still, it's not like it's going anywhere without me :-)

  9. Sounds like you have been very productive! Love those kinds of week ends. Take care and may you have a lovely week!


  10. I absolutely love your washing line photo!! After heavy rain on Friday there was nothing quite so satisfying as seeing a fully laden washing line gently turning in the sunny Spring breeze on Saturday! :)

  11. Busy weekends, lots of jobs done, the company of your favourite people, sunshine and happiness - sounds perfect!

  12. dearest carol, wish i was as organised as you!!! nothing is ever finished here! always so much to do, then its time to start all over again!!! had a great weekend though! Glad that you have too! have a fabulous day!!!
    laura xx

  13. mine was packed. I was looking after my niece and 2 nephews which meant there were 6 children (including a 9 month old) to be chased after all weekend. I am exhausted and it is only Monday! It was wonderful though to see all the cousins play so happily together.

  14. Hi Carol! Great photo! I enjoy hanging the loundry outside and especially with blue laundry it looks so wonderful!
    You were thinking right about birthdays etc. We should be more careful, just haven't used to think always that side.
    xxx Teje

  15. Sounds like a very clean and productive weekend! I really NEED a clothesline too !!


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