Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Finish...

a big hi!
on this very warm & sunny afternoon....

sometimes finishing something that's been sitting around a while
can be a drag...
just the thought of doing it
wears thin as it's moved from pillar to post.

i've used this as a prop,
cleared it off the table before dinner,
moved it onto the table again
when i've gone to use the sewing machine,
hidden it away for a while
when i wasn't interested
brought it out again
when my conscience has said
'what about that little bit of crocheting you haven't finished?'...haha

well..all along,
in my heart,
i knew
that it would end up covering a teeny little cushion...just 35cm...
'cos the little cushion was just sitting there
begging to be covered!

i know this looks a bit skewiff in this pic...
but it is a lovely cuddly piece of woolly goodness!

just the right size to fit between the small of your back and the sofa,
or rest a weary cheek on while resting your eyes for a moment.

the back..a little less spectacular...
{but just as cuddly!}

by the way...
since my lounge room makeover,
i love having somewhere permanently set up
for  the display of a bunch of flowers.

the lilliums are gone,
but a bunch of bright red gladdies
are about to bloom
in among a red flowered,
black berried
piece of bush
that mr w found down the back yard
on the weekend...
it was pretty so we had to keep it.

i've made another of jeni's little bags...
see 3 posts ago..i think...
for my first.

i'll show you next time!

have a creative kind of tuesday...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Nice! I can never seem to learn proper flower arrangement.

  2. nice blog u have!
    i follow u..


  3. such a cheery post carol, what fantastic crocheting, and loooove that berry bush!! how amazing is that? and nice of your hubby to bring them for you!!
    hope you had a creative kind of tuesday too!
    Laura xx

  4. But it was worth finishing in the end, Carol. Very pretty!

    I have a few of those projects hidden in a cupboard ... one day I'll finish them!

  5. It's lovely to always have flowers isn't it. And yours are lovely :D If only I could stop Griff whippet eating my floral displays!

  6. Your new crochet cushion is worth the effort you went to finishing it, it looks lovely and soft. I really like your colour choices too. Flowers are so nice to have in the house aren't they, to have a little of the outdoors inside. Have a wonderful Wednesday Carol. x

  7. Is there nothing better than finishing a project? No! The weight must be lifted, but also you must be so smug because it's a gorgeous little thing! Job well done Carol!

    Your flower arrangements are gorgeous, and a fresh arrangement makes a house a home!


  8. Very cute, Carol, and something different than your usual cushions.

  9. I just love those colors! What a beautiful cushion!!! Looks very soft and cuddly. =)

  10. Carol, your cushion is absolutly beautiful!
    Love the colour combo...

    Send you many, many Greetings,

  11. Your cushion looks great and I like the colour to.
    I good display in the corner for your flowers.
    Hope you are enjoying your week.
    best wishes Julie.C

  12. You always have something wonderful to see each time I visit, enjoy your week my friend.

    Always Wendy


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