Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just Perfect!


thanks for your comments from yesterday...
the picture stays!

of course i couldn't help tweaking..hehe...
so have changed some of the cushions already
just to see if they look better
{though i can tell this may be an ongoing thing!}

today i just wanted to capture these beauties
before they are past their best...

these old walls..built in the 1930's
are made out of horse hair,
they have an unusual texture
and a few bumps and imperfections
have graced them over the years.

i have a revision test i have to study for...
the test is tonight.

it's back to normal tuesdays here.

i wonder what you're up to?

naturally Carol xox


  1. We're still on holiday this week but staying at home, so we're popping into Frankfurt today for some retail therapy and maybe an art gallery or museum (depends how the mood takes us!) and probably a spot of lunch out. We have to make the most of the T-shirt weather while it lasts!!

    I love those lilies - very spring-like!!

  2. Just put the oven on, I'm working on a recipe for coconut choc brownies!! It's probably too late to wish you luck for the test, so I hope it went well instead!!

  3. Ahhh, Carol..I have missed this little space in amongst all of our busy. I loved having a peak around your gorgeous little home! So much character. Wonderful to see your adorable cushions gracing the many nooks and crannies.

    p.s - I have a soft spot for lillies and those bright cushions....lovely.


  4. Beautiful lilies. I have orange gerberas brightening up the gloom that has descended now our Indian summer heatwave is over and the UK resets to something closer to the autumnal norm. Good luck with the test :D

  5. Lovely lilies...my favourite. Discovered your blog via boatshed chic.

  6. Oh they are gorgeous lilies Carol. They really brighten up that corner, love how flowers can do that :o) xo

  7. Such gorgeous lilies, I love those white ones best of all. Hope the test went well, Carol! (What am I doing? Sewing a project and writing things up on the computer, pausing every now and then for a cup of tea and a quick bit of blogging!) Have a great week.
    Helen x


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