Friday, October 14, 2011

About the Rain!

this week
i'm joining with 'maxabella'
'cos there is lots to be grateful
'bout the rain!

 growing up in new zealand
i got used to rain...
there is no shortage of rain
but here in australia
i learned to appreciate the rain...
it means a drought is one day further away!

whenever it rains
i can see the trees drinking it in...
the smell of wet earth
and the freshness of the cooled air
are intoxicating to me.

i am comforted by the patter of rain
on our tin roof...
only slightly apprehensive
when it rains hard
'cos the roof is old..very old!

rainy days are cosy days...
i am cocooned by the raindrops
in my safe wooden house...
excused from venturing outside
and given the opportunity
to be entertained and cook comfort food.

thank you Lord for the rain!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Today in Tassie was a fabulous warm spring day, perfect for hand stitching outside. One of the most wonderful things about spring though is that tomorrow is just as likely to be coll and to love the endless contrast :)

  2. Lets hope you only get the right amount of rain needed and not an excess to spoil in Perth we are headed for 35 on Sunday!

  3. Oh what a beautiful way of looking at the rain Carol. I also love the sound of the rain on our tin roof... and ours is old too!
    And it has been pitter pattering a bit here tonight actually.
    Happy weekend to you xo

  4. Now that's a positive view on rain! Pouring down rain here today.
    xo Cathy

  5. I just love the idea of a wooden house with a tin roof ... not something you see many of in the UK! Happy rainy days Carol x

  6. I have no problem with the rain, just so long as it happens at night time!

    Have a lovely weekend Carol

  7. Oh you're so right about the smell of rain!

    Growing up in Scotland, rain was something that I took for granted (and often complained about). It really took me by surprise when I spent a couple of months in Jordan and by the end I was craving rain. It somehow seems boring to have sunshine every day (wow, I NEVER thought I'd say that!!!)

  8. i love the rain too! good for so many reasons. x

  9. Well, at least someone loves the rain! Today we have a day without rain, and I guess I could write almost the same way about this, as you did about the rain. Just love these days without rain!


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