Friday, October 21, 2011

A Great Idea!


i have a great idea to share with you all today...

'crafty rie'
is putting together a 'universal craft blog directory'

this means that if you consider your blog
a craft blog
then you are welcome to add your blog to the directory
even if you're not a craft blogger
then it is a site where you will be able to access craft blogs

by the


if you want to be part of it..join me here!

isn't this a great idea from 'crafty rie'??

naturally Carol xox


  1. Will definently be checking out this site carol, will be lots of nice new bloggs to check out! glad you are getting your creative mojo back!! your blossom pillow is really pretty and bright! love it!
    Laura xxxx

  2. It's such a good idea, isn't it! Good on you for spreading the word for Rie, Carol. x

  3. Great idea. I'll have to go and have a look.

  4. How lovely! Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx


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