Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

this morning was one of the most gorgeous i've seen in a while.

the air was fresh from rain,
the leaves, crisp from the cool air,
birds chirping,
gentle sunshine...

 light mist filling the gullies...

an early drive to church,
barely a car on the road,
a sunday morning sleepiness pervades the atmosphere.

His Word says His mercies are new every morning...

this is easy to believe on this brand new shiny morning!

a grand new day...

my 301st post.

naturally Carol xox


  1. What a stunning morning! I hope you really enjoyed it! X

  2. Hi Carol, Such lovely, peaceful photos. Will soon be jacaranda flowering time for you? We dont have them here so I will miss them a lot.
    xo Sue

  3. Lovely pictures Carol. I love how you captured the misty mountains. The rain was beautiful yesterday...we really needed it. Hope you had a great weekend. Jac xx

  4. Just beautiful!

    It's also a lovely crisp (=chilly) morning here - the sun is shining in through the windows and showing me that I need to clean them before the frosts start!

  5. What a gorgeous fresh morning carol!! I hope you ended up having a very beautiful day... and week!! your pics are so clear and special!!
    hugs to you !!!
    Laura xx

  6. Mornings and mercies. How beautiful! <3

  7. It was a beautiful morning in my world to Carol your photos are just lovely. I enjoy visiting you.

    Always Wendy

  8. Carol you won my giveaway and I haven't heard from you yet!! I need your address!!

  9. And a beautiful post for your 301st Carol. Those shots of your morning are stunning. It certainly shows the true beauty in your neighbourhood there. Sunshine after the rain is always the nicest :o) xo

  10. Beautiful mist, so lovely. Happy 301 posts! Yay!

  11. Congrats on writing so many posts full of beautiful cushions and the place you live. Have a lovely week.

  12. Such wonderful pictures of your beautiful morning, Carol. I almost felt as if I was there too, breathing in that fresh morning air and enjoying that new day feeling.
    Have a great week. Helen x

  13. Ah, that sounds like my kind of morning :)


  14. Breathtaking. You live in such a gorgeous part of the world xoxo


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